Qobuz streaming problems

Hi @noris

I haven’t heard back from you for a while, so I’m assuming you’re out of ideas? It’s a pity we haven’t been able to crack this, because I like Qobuz and would like to keep using it with Roon.

I just had one more thought: does geography play any part in the way Roon and Qobuz interact? I’m in the UAE and my Qobuz account is associated with France. This doesn’t cause any problems with the Qobuz web player, but could it be an issue for Roon?



Hi @Neville_Clarkson,

No, geography does not have any effect on how Roon & Qobuz integrate. Some content availability may differ between what region your account is in, but that’s all.

We are going to discuss your report with our technical team at our next meeting. We will be sure to update you ASAP when we have additional feedback from them on this. We appreciate your patience while we continue to look investigate!

Thank you.

Hello @Neville_Clarkson,

I spoke to QA again regarding the issues you are having.
I just re-read this entire thread and will try to sum up the issue again here:

  • You have no issues playing tracks from the Qobuz web player
  • This same issue occurred for both your ROCK and Windows 10 based laptop
  • You have been using the SMS-200 as an endpoint that then feeds into a Chord Hugo 2
  • You tried to output to the ROCK’s HDMI output and have not had any issues by streaming that way

If all of my above statements are correct, I think this issue might lie between the connection from the Core -> SMS-200. If you connect the Chord Hugo 2 directly to the Core, I would expect that the issue does not occur. Can you give this a try and let me know if my hypothesis is correct here?

If we can narrow this down to just the SMS-200 causing the issue here then we can know where exactly to look and also reach out to SOtM regarding this discussion.


Hi @Alan_Rigby,

I also spoke to the QA team regarding your case and they have confirmed that 15Mbps is not adequate of a network connection for high-res streaming and that is why you were experiencing these issues. As long as the 4G connection is still holding up fine with streaming, I suggest that you remain on that.


Hi @noris
I’ve had no problems since switching to a faster broadband service. Maybe Roon’s minimum requirements should mention internet speeds necessary for various resolutions. 15Mbps wasn’t even sufficient for 44.1/16 using Roon in my case even though it was sufficient for the Qobuz native app or Kazoo on the Linn up to 192/24.

Thanks for your help.

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