Qobuz tracks will not play in Roon

I subscribed to Qobuz today but Roon will not play Qobuz tracks.

After subscribing to Qobuz on their website and setting my credentials in the Services page in Roon, I can now see Qobuz material under the Roon Qobuz menu item, but when I click Play on any Qobuz track I get an error message, “This track is not currently playable from Qobuz.”

I can play Qobuz tracks in the Qobuz web player. I am also clearly logged in to Qobuz on Roon (else I would not be able to see their materia in Roonl) but just cannot get any tracks to play.

I have a Tidal subscription and never had this kind of problem with that service. Can somebody advise?

Can you try to add a Qobuz album to your Roon Library.
If that works see if you can play that album.
If you cannot add a Qobuz album to your library, go to Qobuz webbrowser (or app) and heart an album.
Go back to Roon - Settings - Services - Qobuz - synchronize now. Go to album browser to see if album appears in your library and if it does, try to play.
Maybe, just maybe, this can help to get you started.

Also reboot everything.

How many Qobuz albums do you have saved as favorite in your Qobuz account?
Is it that Roon is bogged down analysing them on the first import?
What are your analysis speeds set to?

I’m not sure Roon analyses music from streaming services, only local tracks, although I’m happy to be proved wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time nor, I’m sure, the last! :grin:


I’m pretty sure I did read in another thread that on first import Roon analyses ALL library tracks whether they be local or from a streaming service.

Still might have nothing to do with present problem though😇

OK, I have rebooted my ROCK and my Ropieee client.

I have gone into the Qobuz service in Roon and synchronised successfully.

I have managed to add a Qobuz album to my library from within Roon - it does not play.

I get the same error, “This track is not currently playable from Qobuz.”

No matter what Qobuz content I select to play, I get the error. Here is the situation:

  • I can play Qobuz tracks in the Qobuz web player.
  • I can synchronise Qobuz in Roon.
  • I can see Qobuz library content in Roon.
  • I can play my internal library tracks in Roon (i.e. off my NAS).
  • I can play Tidal albums and content that I have added to my library.
  • I can play Tidal mixes on the Tidal home page in Roon that I have not added to my library.

I have one album favorited in Qobuz and one album from Qobuz in my library - I do not think Roon is bogged down analysing it.

In other words, everything appears to be OK, except that Qobuz simply will not play.

My ROCK is running OS version 1.0 build 227 and Server 1.8 build 814.

Unless I can get this to work I will need to cancel my newly started Qobuz subscription - lucky I am still in the first month free period.

Sorry but I truly have no ideas or suggestions.
That sounds extremely odd and baffling.
Hopefully @support will have something better to offer shortly!

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Hi @Anthony_C

Can you go to Settings > Services > Qobuz > Edit and share a screenshot of what you’re seeing here?

You also sign out of Qobuz, in Roon settings, restart the core, sign back in to Qobuz……it may work & there’s nothing to lose trying….

@dylan see screenshot attached.

Do you have a streaming license? Its saying no streaming formats available. See mine below

@Ged_Hickman My Qobuz current offer says I have streaming at 24 bit up to 192 kHz.

@ged_hickman1 Sorry, just saw there were two Ged Hickmans.

It’s not showing that in roon though. Try logging out of the qobuz service in roon. Rebooting your core and then logging back in.
Maybe see if there is a qobuz equivalent of these tidal instructions.


Hi @Anthony_C, thank you for the info. I’m going to reach out with next steps via a PM — Thanks!

@ged_hickman1 Great advice Ged, that fixed the problem. I logged out of Qobuz in Roon, rebooted my ROCK and then logged in to Qobuz in Roon again. I can now play Qobuz tracks and see streaming quality of Hi-Res 24-Bit / up to 192 kHz in the Qobuz services page.


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