Qobuz works, unless I try to play it from Roon

I can play my Qobuz account from the Qobuz iPhone, and from the Naim iPhone app, but if I try playing anything from Roon in my iPad Pro it fails. It worked fine last time I tried (earlier this week).

This is what I get with every attempt. It doesn’t matter which title. I tried some I’ve had in my library for ages. Nothing seems to work, unless it’s actually stored locally on my ROCK server (i.e. not Qobuz).

So I tried logging out of Qobuz as a service in the Roon app, and logging back in. Now I get this (I removed my username for purposes of this post, but I did have it included when I tried).

You should keep an eye on this thread here.

Always best to do a search on here before creating a new support thread :wink:

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Thanks. I did search. Sometimes search sucks.

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No worries.

You will read that some have sorted the issue by restarting their core or clearing the Qobuz cache in Roon. Some had no joy with either.

If none of the above will work for you, you will have to wait for support to pick this up and see what has gone wrong. Not the first nor the last time this will happen.

I mounted my server (it’s a NUC running ROCK) and deleted the caches. Now it seems to be working. Thank you.


Excellent and you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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II am in the US and my Qobuz is working via Roon normally!

I’m in Oz, no issues with Qobuz and Roon. Good luck

See above. It’s resolved now, for me anyway. Thanks. It’s apparently an issue affecting more users than just me.

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I had the same problem. Rebooting the core fixed the issue. FYI–I sent in a support ticket and they said it was likely Qobuz issue with their CDN, which was not correct in this case.

This continues to be an ongoing problem. I switched to the monthly subscription for Roon, because I’m really not sure why I keep putting up with this buggy crap from them. Jeez, get it fixed!

I’m experiencing this now. I wasn’t before – just started today. Restarted the core and cleared the cache to no avail. Basically, can’t use Qobuz with Roon right now. Don’t really know what else to do.

I have to say it does look like Qobuz via Roon is on the fritz.
Just skipping all tracks, too many failures.
This started about 30 minutes ago.


Just noticed the same behavior… Never had a problem before.

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yeah. Sometimes a track will play - and often it just skips. For a while tonight it kept complaining I wasn’t actually logged in. Sort of relieved to see I’m not the only one. Accessing the core from a new laptop and thought maybe I was causing the problem

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same here. Just started happeining. logged in-out…same thing on all devices

Me neither, at least nothing remotely on this level.
Glad I have Tidal too…

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Roon updated earlier today, however, I was playing Qobuz fine for a while after