Query starting “imag” claims “cannot connect to Roon search”, while all other queries search fine

Roon Server Machine

iMac i7 processor, 16g memory

Networking Gear & Setup Details

For once this very clearly is not a networking issue

Connected Audio Devices

Irrelevant as this is occurring between remote (iPad, or Mac app) and server

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When i type “imag” (or anything starting that way, such as imagine) into search it reports that it can’t connect to Roon search. Ima, just fine, giving me a list of your best guesses, but as soon as the g is typed it can no longer connect! However, every other query can connect and works fine, suggesting that in fact Roon search (at your end) can’t cope with this specific query at the moment (it’s happened across several hours).

Feedback: I wonder if “Oops, something went wrong - please contact Roon support if this issue continues” might be a better (more correct and less insulting to our intelligence) error message.

It is not a global problem as Imag works just fine for me. Try rebooting your server and try again.


Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s not my first rodeo- I should have said that I’ve already rebooted the machine running the server and it had no effect

Same here:

Isn’t it just a little ‘suspicious’ (= hopefully indicative) that the word ‘imag…’ is close to what - in some circumstances - is likely to be a reserved term. Namely, ‘image’?

I say this because the results I get are not of Albums in my own Roon database; so the search is surely server-side. So maybe a tag in certain (co)locations of AllMusic’s own database, for which there are just so many hits as to make returning them an overload?

Mark, interesting thoughts, but on the too many hits theory, ‘ima’ gives results, then typing the extra g leads to the error message.

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that’s all they are: wildly speculative :slight_smile:

…typing the extra g…

Depending on how the searching (if it were actually of the AllMusic database, which I don’t know that it is) works, couldn’t it actually be the addition of the ‘g’ which invokes a reserved word and so causes a(nother highly speculative) ‘overload’ because ‘imag’ (as opposed to ‘ima’ and even ‘image’) triggers it. Couldn’t it be designed that way?

What happens with such terms as:

  • pilgrimage
  • imagination
  • primages
  • reimagine


Interesting. They all work. What is Intriguing is that “ima” gives results, then all the way up to “imagina” it gives the error, but as soon as the t is added it works again.

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Intriguing because as per @rugby I have no issue…

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That has to mean something, doesn’t it!

Do you have a VPN, Dominic, to test and see if it’s a certain location of whichever server is being queried?

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My roon is accepting ´ima´ or ´imag´, but have the very same thing happening with typing ´Clau´, ´Claud´ or `Claude´ - the moment I type the last ´e´, roon search cannot connect:

I suspect it has to do with my roon search not liking ´Debussy´ or `Claude Debussy´, although he is showing up in the results when typing ´Claud´ as hit No. 1. Maybe it has to do with an overflow of results or the cooperation of local plus cloud search or something with not being able to filter relevant results. Highly speculative, of course.

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I get a response that looks right for all , ima, imag and clau, claud, claude

Curiouser, what language is your Roon set up for , mine is English (Settings>General>Languages for Artists and album names

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English as primary.

I suppose the next question would be to ask what is the primary language of the OS on which Roon is running?

FWIW, I’m not seeing any problems with either of these failing search strings, but then I’m running Roon Server (in English) on RoonOS.

Unfortunately not

English …… is that 10 yet

Again, English

I’ve just spent quote some time trying every search term cited here without being able to reproduce the error message for any of them. My Roon language is English.

Two very long shots occur to me. And they are long :slight_smile: :

  1. what happens if you clear your image cache in Settings > Setup, Dominic; on the grounds that one of the search routines may be trying to return a thumbnail which is missing or corrupt, or which will otherwise work if possible contentions in that cache have been resolved?
  2. when you initiate a search, do you see ‘RECENT’? If so, could it be that a single cached search which failed for we know not what reason is being re-called each time you start it; and that - although the original error condition is no loner in force - Roon/AllMusic is working of a cached failure?

The last thing that comes to mind is whether you do actually (already) have Albums containing the ‘i…’ string(s) which trigger the message… could help with diagnostics?

I tried that yesterday and it had no effect

Yes I do, but not for that search

Strange thing - it’s all working now. Whether Roon did something in the background or it just cleared naturally I obviously don’t know

And thanks to Mark and everyone else for your time and help with this. The Roon community as ever coming through for me

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This issue seems to have the same root cause like Weird selective "can't connect to Roon search since a week" for which we deployed a fix.

If it happens again please do let me know.

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