Question mark is not recognized?

I recently discovered that I could make a selection of not contiguous albums. I have inspected a few of these titles and found that they all have have a question mark in their title (until now). I have to copy them manually to ROON and than merge the titles. What could be the reason of this behaviour. Rewriting the tracks doesn’t make them recognisable…

Can you explain this a little more?

Are some files not showing up in Roon at all? If so, I would give this a read.

I think he means a focus on “albums with non-contiguous tracks” and that tracks with a ? in the track title are what is missing from those albums.

Your description is correct. The suggestions of Mike have I already done. The question mark is in the title of the track (always a FLAC file). The solution I found is copying the excluded file(s) to ROON which gives a duplicate album with the missing track(s) and then I select both items and merge the album. I don’t no why the files are ignored by ROON also after rescanning the title.

Thanks Tom.

Are they in the file name as well? Can you tell us a bit more about your setup, as described here?

If you have a file that’s not importing and can upload it to Dropbox, feel free to PM me a link and we can take a look at the file.

Yes, the file also has a question mark.
I use an Intel Nuc7i3 with ROCK. My Macbook Pro reports a Roon version 1.4 (build 310) stable (64 bit) and the same for the Roon Optimized Core Kit. My files are on a Synology DS214. Total amount of tracks 31153 in 2119 albums. Roon reports 127 albums with non-contiguous tracks.
I made a directory missing files in my Dropbox and made that available to community’s email address. The dropbox is from my wife’s account Emily Sax van der Weijden; sorry, have not done this before. I have included 2 files: the first is the 4th track of Al di Meola Land of the Midnight sun Love theme of…the quotes are ignored. The 2nd file is the 11th track of Dave Edmunds Get it and has a question mark in the file name.

This is going to be the problem. You can see in the special characters section that files with question marks in the name won’t be imported.

When you drag and drop the files into Roon, I’m guessing we strip that character out, and then you need to group it back with the rest of the album.

It would probably be faster to just edit the file names and have albums import as expected, but unfortunately this is something we do for cross-platform compatibility as that character (and a few others) are not supported on Windows.

Let me know if that helps @Tom_Verhulst1. Thanks!

I’ll bet once you import it into Roon, you can add back the ? to the track title (not the track filename).

Just to be clear, editing the file tags shouldn’t be required here at all. This is just about file names.

I had not noticed the missing files before but it is not unusual to use diacritical signs in filenames, certainly the question mark is very common in music filenames. And Roon does not not always ignore this. I deleted track 8 (How do you sleep?) from John Lennon’s Imagine and track 9 and 10 were imported without problems (the tracks How? and Oh Yoko!). I have 2219 albums and 127 have missing files because of this problem. I think it is a bug for now.

Hi @Tom_Verhulst1 —— Thank you for the continued feedback and my apologies for the slow response here.

I will gladly take a look into this for you but would like have a better sense as to what exactly you are seeing here. With that in mind, may I kindly ask you to please provide screenshots highlighting where you notice the error occurring and screenshots of where it is not occurring. Additionally, what would be great is if you can provide a media sample (or TIDAL links) that exhibits this behavior and another media sample that does not. The more information we have to go off of the easier it will be for us to understand what is going on here.


Thanks for the reaction but I already fixed it by detecting all the titles with missing files, mostly caused by a question mark in the filename (always FLAC). I copied them to ROON. This gives a duplicate title with that track. Merged the 2 titles. I had not noticed this before but tracked the omissions by using FOCUS-> inspector-> contiguous tracks and than the opposite (not contagious tracks). I was not familiair with this when using other programs (Audirvana, Minim server) and was surprised to see that ROON ignored these files. Inspecting the log file I think that ROON has stripped the “?” when I copied the file by hand. There must be an indication how these files are handled on my Intel NUC 7i3, but my iPad “sees” also the corrected albums now too. It was quite a lot of work to do this as a 5% of my albums (2220) had this “problem” and as explained by Mike with the special character section a known issue. I was surprised that other users had not noticed this before…


From the way I understand it this is not a bug per se.

Roon is platform agnostic, which means Roon’s library can be moved from one OS to a different OS without any conversion, e.g. from Windows to Linux, etc. Because of this, some characters (a question mark, et. al.) give Roon fits.

From my experience with JShiver, you can’t take JShiver’s Windows library and move it to macOS. It doesn’t work because the library is different for different OSes.

Roon will probably never be able to handle some characters without some allowance made for the underlying OS.

BTW - I’ve had the same experience as you and I solve it by renaming the file in my ripping software before I rip the disc.

@eric, is this the correct picture of what’s going on?

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