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Hello @John_Binnion,

You’ve not completed any of the information sections in your support request, so it’s difficult for anyone to advise … uploading a screen shot of what your seeing / not seeing would also be helpfull.

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

In the meantime I’d recommend rebooting the device that the Roon Core is running and any remote devices that you might be using.

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Hi Carl,

The matter is as I have said the Queue icon is missing. It is normally one of three icons bottom right of the screen. At the moment there are two only. Namely the Core Icon and the Volume control. See attached screen shot.

I have rebooted the core.

How do I find it?



My mistake the Weiss DSP 502 is the player not the Core

The Queue icon hasn’t been “one of three icons bottom right of screen” for a long time, as far as I recall. That may have been true for early versions of Roon, but now the Queue icon is in the Play controls group:

Is it not there on your setup? And if not, please give the Support team details of the hardware of your Roon Core and the Remote that you are using.

Edit: I believe the change was made with the introduction of version 1.8 in February 2021.


It is there! I haven’t used Queue for awhile. Thank you for the reply. I am happy now.


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