Radio doesn't start after Tidal album/track

When I listen to an album or track on Tidal, one that I don’t already have in my Roon library, Radio does not start when the track/album stops playing. If I’m listening to music in my Library from any source, then Radio starts as it should.

How do I get Radio to start playing after a Tidal-only track or album finishes playing?

Hi @Jeff_Bellune ----- Thank you for the report. I wanted to touch base with you to verify that this feature is currently only based on your library’s content at the moment.


HI Eric,

Just to clarify – the behavior I see is currently as designed?

EDIT: More clarification: I want Radio to start playing music from my Roon Library even when the last thing played is a track or album from Tidal that isn’t in my Library. I would not expect Radio to grab tracks from Tidal that weren’t in my Library, but I do expect Radio to start playing tracks from my Library even if I’m listening to non-Library Tidal tracks when the queue ends.


Dear Jeff, I think Eric has touched a valid point here.
I believe that Roon stands for simplicity. It is beautiful and just works.
If nothing else that ideal is our (users and creators) common aspiration.

Radio function is therefore a bit confusing.

If I play a song from my Roon saved playlist and that song is also in my local library then radio function works, even though that song on my playlist is actually marked as Tidal streamed song. :slight_smile:

In ideal world one should be allowed to start the Radio function with a Tidal song, nevertheless Radio does grab from Tidal (I may be mistaken here), therefore limitation to start from Tidal song is of legal nature or just a minor algorithm misstep I suppose…

If nothing else I would expand the text at radio tab to: “…Queue ends. Unless it is started with a Tidal song.” That would clear the confusion. I too thought that Radio function is simply not working reliably.

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Hey guys – we’re aware of these issues, and plan to give this feature some attention in 2017.

Our plan is to ensure that streaming content works in both the ways you’ve described: Radio should optionally include content from TIDAL when you want to discover new music, and Radio be able to start on any content, whether it’s part of your library or not.

This work will not be part of our upcoming 1.3 release, but it is coming, and some pieces of infrastructure are in place to help us gather data to improve the selections made by the Radio algorithm, and to cut down on repetitive selections.

Look for Radio to get a lot better, guys. Thanks for the feedback!


Oh, nice to know! Thank you for this information. I don’t deem that to be a high priority update target, just that small thing that if fixed would prevent some hotshot reviewer to give Roon 9/10. :slight_smile:

I was experiencing the problem of radio not starting after a Tidal song finished. I finally went to log a ticket, but saw it covered here. Good to know you guys have a plan for improving this feature.

Any updates? I see this feature ticket was added in May of 2015.

Hello. I have a Bluesound Vault 2 and noticed an issue with radio playback. If I select a song to play and it’s a Tidal track than the radio feature in Roon will not start (radio feature is turned on). I don’t have this problem if I select a track out of my library. Is there a setting I need to turn on or is this a bug?

Currently, Tidal tracks need to be added to your library in order for Radio to start.

Cheers, Greg