Radio function is playing the same content multiple times

Hi to all,

Just trying out Roon ATM and loving it. Will probably move to a subscription in a couple of days.

In terms fo the Radio, I have the same issue as the OP, except its happening with every item. I have no internet radio subscription, so Roon Radio is picking titles from my library. As far as I know, my library only has one copy of each song.

Radio is playing each item twice in a row, and has the same Part 1 and Part 2 mentioned by OP above.

I think this started happening three hours ago and might have been around when I tried to skip a track that was playing on the Radio.

Any suggestions as to how to prevent this doubling up from happening?


Hi @Terence_Tan ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us! Very glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the Roon experience thus far.

Moving forward, to help aide in my evaluation of this behavior, would you kindly please provide me with the following:

  • A brief but accurate description of your current setup, using this link.

  • Are you noticing this behavior on all of your Roon devices (i.e core and remotes)?