Raspberry Pi alternative endpoint

Sure, autologin works also with Windows 10, but if you don’t need ASIO drivers, then I would install in any case Rock on the small devices…

Ubuntu server and Roon bridge works great. Wifi works, although command line is required to get it Wifi functional from a new state.

DietPi also makes it simple to create a Roon bridge.

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Hmmm. I’m setting up a new Windows 11 Pro machine, and there’s no registry key for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.


OK, thanks. Once I found the “Run” command (left-click on the Windows icon in the taskbar and find it in the pop-up menu) that worked.

But Roon Bridge doesn’t start automatically. How do I make that happen?

Then you need to do this:

Nope. Overkill. For Roonbridge, run the program and it puts an icon on the taskbar, just like RoonServer. Right click that Roon icon and click Launch at Startup


It’s not than likely Rock would work on the minipc. No need for Windows then. I had it running on a 3rd gen NuC thin client just as an endpoint. Worked really well .

Thanks. It’s been years since I rassled with Windows, and of course 11 has covered everything with a new layer of faux we-care-about-you UI BS.

Hmm - netplwiz still present and working on my Windows 11 Pro systems (both production and dev builds). Perhaps it has been removed from the Home versions?

Good set of choices.

I like the Mini PC idea. I think that Archimago did a blog post on configuring one for audio and home theatre use. If you have a need for a PC to stream home theatre then that could be a good choice for the HDMI out and for PC-based playback. Those are probably getting powerful enough to run the full Roon Core.

Pre Raspi 4 devices would be just fine too. Not sure if anyone has tried the VIM single board computers.

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For me, nothing better than a Pi with Hat as Roon’s end point, both in terms of price and quality.

As a cheap alternative, I could list a ChromeCast (Video for those with an HDMI input, or Áudio or similar for RCA/Toslink).

Another one is DragonFly dongle plug in You PC/Laptop.

I use All this here.

Agree with @Luiz_Lobo.

Pi3 is more than sufficient for an endpoint. And with RoPieee, it is run as an auto-updated appliance without any maintenance at all. You also get an AirPlay endpoint with it. I use 4 of these endpoints over the house, all powered via PoE with a PoE->USB splitters.

Since you have a DAC/AMP in place you have to make up your mind whether to connect it via USB or via an SPDIF Audio HAT.


I can recommend Rpi4 which has better usb and no need to use hat if your dac has such input. And the solution is the most flexible - you can use it not only as a streamer.
And RPI software will be developed for years. Maybe even longer than Roon :slight_smile:

The question was about alternatives if the pi4 is not available for purchase :flushed:

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CanaKit has the Pi 4 2GB/128GB Extreme Kit available with shipping scheduled for May 15th:

The One with 1GB RAM is in stock and ready to ship:

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PiShop.US has all Pi 4 Starter Kits in stock. I just ordered one to have as a spare:

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts. All very interesting. I think I’m going to hold-out for a Pi4 (availability seems to have improved this week) and run USB out. In the meantime, I found an old Apple TV which I’ve been running headless as an AirPlay endpoint. Not ideal but a fun start.

Another alternative, but which unfortunately also depends on a PI, but which can be a very simple and cheap Pi3, even used, with little memory to run the Roon add-on called:


Now with it running on your internal network, wherever the Roon server is, you can access as EndPoint, any device that has the UPnP/DLNA protocol (most have, even older TVs, and old Streamers or Receivers that have access to network (wired or wifi) has).

I use it here successfully. It works well and increases the number of endpoints in the house well.

See more in this post below this community:

Ah sorry. To many threads on forum :frowning:

I can recomment this:

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