Raspberry pi3,picoreplayer,hifiberry?

I have a bryston bda2 dac and I was looking for these products but,I don’t know exactly how they work and what to buy for Roonbridge to my dac ,can someone help me out here.

As far as I can see, you can hook up to the BDA2 through S/PDIF and USB.

In the first case, a Pi (2 or 3) with HifiBerry Digi+ would make a great combo.

If you want to go the USB route, you may want to avoid the Pi, as its USB ports and Ethernet connection share one 480Mbps bus. Even though newer firmware alleviated this problem somewhat, it will still lead to problems (pops and crackles) at higher bitrates. With USB, something like a Cubox will be a better choice. It has S/PDIF optical as well, but sound wise the coaxial connection from the Digi+ has the edge.

In both cases, just flash the OS on SD-card, install RoonBridge using the easy installer and off you go. I use both for different purposes, with excellent results.

I want to go spdif route like you said digi+ I understand how to install roonbridge the thing I don’t understand is what else do I need for the digi+ to work.

That’s the easy part. :slight_smile:

Once you have loaded Raspbian onto the SD-card and booted up the Pi, you need to add one line to /boot/config.txt:


After a reboot the Digi+ will be visible by Alsa and by RoonBridge:

My mistake I need to know what other hardware either than digi do I need and where do I find a case and power supply? Btw i also needed the information you sent me thank you very much.

You’ll need a Pi, Digi+, 5V 2A micro USB PSU and a case that would fit the Pi&Digi+. And of course an SD-card to run the OS from.

You can check out the Hifiberry shop to get a few ideas for fitting cases, etc. Here’s mine, dressed in metal:

So I buy the device ready because I couldn’t see how to power the digi,a sd card,power supply and then install Roonbridge,but which supply the standard or transformer? I don’t understand the difference sorry for all the trouble but my English is not so good. Do you think coaxial overall has better sound than USB, because I haven’t tried coaxial since I connected my PC to my dac only with USB.Thank you very much for your help.

The transformer version of the Digi+ has galvanic isolation, which works best with quality equipment. As for USB or S/PDIF: it really depends on the implementation in the DAC itself. You may want to ask around on Bryston enthusiast forums which one is regarded best for your DAC.

Standard version or transformer version? Because it says that the dac should be grounded.

USB or S/PDIF. In case it’s the latter, I’d go with the transformer version.

Thank you for your time Rene all the best to you.

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Just one more thing I first install Linux OS on the sd card then rasbpian and last the roonbridge Linux correct!

Raspbian = Linux.

Flash Raspbian to card, boot up the Pi, add the line for the Digi+, reboot and install RoonBridge for Armv7.

Thanks Rene

I really do wish I understood some of this! Flash the SD card with Rasbian! Energise the di-lithium crystals!

It would be great if some of the knowledgeable on here could do a blog for simpletons about setting something like this up.


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Heh… I was just thinking about writing up a starter’s guide for building your own low-cost Arm-based RoonBridge.

I guess I should. But in the mean time: ask away – it’s way easier than you think! :wink:

Edit: found a little bit of spare time:

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Hey Rene,

First, thanks Sloop John for saying what I’ve been thinking for four months. It’s bad enough with acronyms but when things start getting fruit nicknames I start to wonder if somebody is pulling my leg. (Not really. After all, I’m a big fan of Schiit.)

But Rene, simpleton geezers like myself would be very grateful for any starter’s guide you might want to author. I believe I have a basic grasp of what’s going on. It’s when cards get flashed (oh my) with ubuntu or whatever that my eyes glaze over and I swipe the page back command.

And should we ever meet, the beers would be on me.


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Hi Tom,

Stay tuned – give me a couple of days.

We’ll get to those beers later… :wink:

Rene I too would love some simple step by step instructions to follow to set up a pi3 with DAC board to replace some airport expresses.

Looks like you are connecting them by Ethernet. I will also need instructions to connect to the wifi. I hope that can be done without hooking up a screen and keyboard to the pi3.

If there is anyway I could send you some beers I would be happy to contribute :slightly_smiling_face: And take your time, anything would be much appreciated.

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What about the hifiberry amp? That would seem to be a good option for multi room RoonBridge end points.