Recording Start and End Dates can not be edited when fields are empty [fixed in latest update]

Forgive me for ignoring the template but the bug previously fixed has returned as explained here:

Was trying to add recording dates and could only do so one at a time.

Despite a roon member being around not even an acknowledgement?

To clarify it is not possible to add recording dates to multiple tracks. Doing so track by track in a large box set is not fun in any way.

This problem is obviously niche and probably only applies to classical libraries.

Please fix.

Just tried on iOS and you can but not on Windows or Android so you can make me dance, you can make me sing, you can make me do just any old thing. This case is closed.

Hey @Co2004

I just wanted to update you that a fix for this was included in our latest build. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait. :+1:t2:

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