Reinstall operating system Nucleus

Would someone please post instructions for reinstall operating system for Nucleus Plus.

Hi @Robert_Zinn,

First a question … why … did the M2 SSD die?

Users can’t install the Nucleus OS, but they can install ROCK and then once operational Roon’s @support team can remotely update that to be a Nucleus once more.

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I have been experiencing pausing, skipping, and freezing and lags between tracks when playing forever. I have changed router, multiple restarts. rebooting in both the Nucleus Plus and my Linn SelectDSM forever. Reinstall of OS is the only thing I have not done. I’m out of options. I keep getting told it pertains to my network. I play from other sources including the LINN apps and an Aurender with absolutely no issues. M2?? I have a 75’ run of cat 5 ethernet from router outside then back into house directly into the DSM.

Um, you can reinstall the Roon OS via the reinstall button on the Web Administration Interface screen.

@Robert_Zinn - it won’t do any harm to do this; no guarantee that it will fix your issues. Your database and settings will be preserved, so if the issue is related to a problem with the database, then it won’t fix it.

But still, go ahead and try it.


I don’t see any corrupt files but still doesn’t mean there are no problems with them.

Yep, I had assumed the Nucleus was non-functional, I can see from the later post this is was not correct.

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Hi @Robert_Zinn,
Thank you for your patience while we worked through the queue. Have your problems with your nucleus been resolved?

The only problem now is there is a long time to start a following track when over. It can take anywhere from 15-45 seconds before the next track starts. Any thoughts?
Thank you

Hi @Robert_Zinn,
@connor’s post here mentions your networking issues and mentions some troubleshooting steps you can try. Other than that there isn’t anything more we can do to address this issue.

If you have other symptoms arise then we would be happy to assist with that.