Release RoPieee 2023.04.1


The previous release was a rather big one (at least under the hood), and came unfortunately with a few regressions.

This release fixes those, and adds some minor improvements.

Furthermore this release is the first release towards the unification of ‘regular’ and ‘XL’: we are moving towards just ‘RoPieee’, but with XL functionality. It does not make sense to maintain 2 versions while the one (XL) is just a superset of the other (‘regular’). It sounded like a not-so-bad idea when I began XL, because I didn’t know (exactly) where it was going.

But those days are gone and maintaining just one release makes my life easier and gives me more time to focus on the product itself.

It also means starting with this release you can only download the XL images, if you want to start from scratch. The OTA is still targeting both versions. And no worries: this unification will not require a reflash or anything like that. Over the coming releases everyone ends up with the same build.

So nothing changes and there is nothing you need to do proactively.

Back to the release then. Here’s the changelog:


  • FIX: shutdown behaves like reboot
  • FIX: do not encode web password multiple times
  • FIX: handle spaces in wireless networks properly while in AP mode
  • IMPROV: improve mDNS reliability (needed for the ‘devices’ tab)
  • IMPROV: continued webpage responsiveness improvements
  • IMPROV: better scanning results while in AP mode
  • IMPROV: be less restrictive with Roon zone names
  • IMPROV: provide image for the Orchard Audio PecanPi

The rollout is staggered and can take up to 24hrs, so please be patient.

As always, enjoy!


updated mine (Ropiee + Ropiee w Allo Digi HAT) - both play well!
Congratulations + Thank you Harry!!

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Thanks Harry!
I don’t know when you added the flashing “Update Available” to the screen? But I like it. It sure got my attention :grinning:
Everything seemed to go fine on my RPi4 (no hat)

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@spockfish Let me tell you that with this update you just blowed my mind out. I found out about the update after seeing the “Update Available” red message flashing on the screen of my Office’s RoPieee Pi Display while listening to Pink Floyd - The Wall :rofl:

You, Mr. are AMAZING!!!

Thanks for all you do!!!


Thank you! (I appreciate the shutdown fix in particular.)


All updates went (4B and 2W) flawlessly. Compliments!

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I see “Update undefined downloaded and available for your device”. I rebooted RoPieee and it still shows the same message. Is it okay to update?

Can you send me feedback?

Here’s the feedback: f4707ebac6362b66

Yeah you can safely update.

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Slight change of course, of my four Pi’s running Ropieee, two updated without a hitch and two stumbled and fell over. The two that fell over were using Wi-Fi, was this expected behaviour? I have since hooked them up to Ethernet and re-started them as new, all now working well again.

PS many thanks for awesome software.

My Pi 2W updated over WiFi without problems so I think you just had bad luck…

Mine’s doing the same. Update won’t take. I click on “Install Update”, it does a reboot and the button comes back and it still flashes on the display “update available” (is there any way to disable this, it’s distracting having a big red flashing update available thing flashing).


Good to know, thank you.

I took mine to my test station and re-loaded them as if they were new end points. That did the trick.

I literally loaded this thing fresh yesterday morning, which surprised me that there was an update available almost immediately.

I’m not being offered an update - still on 2023.02.1
Current uptime is over 4 days. It’s an eMMC, so a bit more complicated to re-flash compared to a card.

Mine updated to 2023.04, but refuses to install the later versions. I still struggle with the issue of reboot instead of shutting down.
Feedback: 52f93949e894272f


The feedback is corrupted. Which is not a good sign.
I’m afraid you still need to reflash.


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Can you reboot?

I’ve installed a rescue script that should trigger the update.