Releasing control of the DAC without closing Roon

Is there a way to release my DAC from exclusive mode without closing Roon on the PC. I would like to be able to switch between using the DAC with J River in WASAPI mode and Roon in WASAPI mode without leaving the couch (yes I’m lazy:)

You tried to disable your DAC in Roon. Imho, easier to just close Roon which is what I do. But, I also open and close JRiver. I never have them both running on the same PC simultaneously.

I haven’t tried to disable the dac in Roon but it seems easier to just close Roon as you suggest. I use an iPad to control Roon so I can’t close it from the iPad.

I find that in JRiver it’s enough to click stop instead of pause. Then another program can have full control of the DAC without closing JRiver.

A stop command (Ctrl-T on Windows or Cmd-T on OS X) was implemented a while ago:

Since I use a networked endpoint, I cannot verify if the audio device / driver is released on stop, but I guess I won’t hurt to try. :smile:

You can disable the DAC via the iPad, from Settings > Audio > Gear Icon next to your DAC, but moreover, we have a change here coming in the next release.

On Mac, we’ve always released the DAC on pause, but Windows held on and we’ve heard this complaint before.

Starting with our next release, we’ll be releasing the DAC after 8 seconds of pause, so you should be in good shape here @TreeZorro!


Thank you for the explanation. Looking forward to next release.

Build 88 is now live guys! :tada:


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