Remote connection problems with iPad

I have Roon installed on an Antipodes music server the uses a Linux OS. I can control Roon with my Apple iMac that is connected by ethernet to my network.

I prefer an iPad as the controller and have been using the iPad since I first installed Roon on my music server. For the last month I am having issues with the iPad connecting to the core.

This has started since I updated my Roon Server to the latest software.

The version of Roon is: Roon Server Version: 1.2 (build 161) stable.
The iPad iOS version is: 10.0.2

Hi Tom, can you give us some additional information, like OS of Roon Server, network topology. Some quick things to check would be to see if you also had a recent OS update that might have set or reset Firewalls. I would turn off the firewall as a test on the RoonServer and see if that corrects the issue.

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This issue is only happening when I try to connect to Roon with my iPad. I am able to connect to Roon with my main computer which is connected to the network by ethernet.

I have a similar problem with my iPad and found a workaround.
Often it can’t find the Roon Server. If I start Roon remote on the PC I also have installed Roon Server, my iPad reliable connects to the server every time. Strange but reproducable behaviour.

Hi Tom (@Tom_Russell) and @AE67 ---- Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the troubles here. In order to accurately evaluate what may be causing this issue to occur I’d like to gather the following information from you, as Daniel (@Rugby) began to point out :sunglasses:

  1. Can you please describe in detail, as seen here, your current setup.

  2. Can you please describe your network configuration. I would like to get a sense of how your devices/equipment are communicating (wifi, ethernet cable, both)? Also, can you please confirm if any network hardware is being used in your current setup (router(s), repeaters, extenders, powerline adaptors, switches). If you are able to provide the make and model of any of these devices, that would be great information to have as well :sunglasses:

  3. Do you have any active firewalls or anti-virus applications currently?

  4. Has this connectivity issue ALWAYS been present or did it just start to occur recently? If this issue was indeed NOT always present can you think of any changes that have taken pace in your setup? New applications? Software updates?

  5. What version of iPad are you working with?


Roon running on a Antipodes DX music server connected to network by Ethernet. Roon controlled by IMac computer also connected to network by Ethernet. Modem/Router ATT Pace 5268 ac gateway. Norton Antivirus installed
On IMac computer. Netgear WN2500 RP version 2 wifi extender being used.
Ethernet cabling is CAT 6. Antipodes music server is has Linux 4.07 OS.
iPad is a IPad Air 2 running IOS 10.0.2. I did the software upgrade on the
iPad about 3 weeks ago. I also replaced the Gateway somewhere in the same
time frame. Ipad has latest Roon Remote app installed.I am able to control my Roon with the IMac (desktop) computer and until about a month ago with
The IPad. I was having issues with the Roon Remote connecting to the server
Intermittently for the past 3 weeks but was able to connect by rebooting the server until 3 days ago.Now it keeps trying to find the remote library while on the Choose Server page.

Hi @Tom_Russell ---- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback. Both are appreciated! According to your report the following piece of equipment have been updated/changed since this issue has come up:

  1. IPad Air 2 was updated to IOS 10.0.2.

  2. Modem/Router ATT Pace 5268 ac gateway was also replaced, my assumption is that THIS is the latest mode you are making use of. Can you confirm?

Furthermore, are you able to confirm if the Norton Anti-Virus software has always been active in your setup even when you were able to use the iPad as a remote successfully?


I fixed the problem by removing Roon from my IMac and then installing on another computer, I was then able to open the Roon Remote on my IPad and
voila it connected to the core. I since have removed Roon from the second computer and have reinstalled it on the IMac and so far everything is working
Fine. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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Hi @Tom_Russell ----- Thank you for the follow up! I am very please to hear things have stabilized for you :clap::+1: Please keep me updated and if anything else comes up, just drop me a line and I will gladly lend a hand. Happy listening!


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