Remote connection via VPN - [Resolved] but ongoing discussion

(Philip Giordano) #143

I made my home network a different subnet than what I’d usually see anywhere I might want to use my VPN. Moms, gym, etc If it makes yiu feel any better I cannot fir the life of me get my iPad to VPN in but my iPhone works perfectly.

(Bart Verhoeven) #144

I think what he meant is that the devices that VPN in, get assigned an IP address in a different subnet than when you are on the local network without the VPN. He is not referring to IP addresses of the network from which you VPN.

(Philip Giordano) #145

I think i understand now Bart, thanks. My VPN server lets me assign a range where the first three numbers are the same and I use .20 thru .30 for the VPN range. Not sure if any of this is relevant, just trying to help.

(Bart Verhoeven) #146

That explains why it is working for you. Roon doesn’t work across subnets (or at least not out of the box). In your case the router assigns the device that VPN in, an ip address in the same subnet. Hence why it works for you.


Yep, as I suspected! Nice that you’re able to get in on the same /24 subnet. Strange it’s not working for you on your iPad. Any change you’re running a really old iOS version on your phone?

(Niccolò Terzi) #148

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