Remote not finding Core on iPhone6 [Solved, two Routers]

Hi all, I’m running Roon Version: 1.2 (Build 154) 64-bit on a Windows 10 Pro PC. My music is stored on a 2TB Seagate Personal Cloud NAS. I have installed Roon on my PC and Roon Remote on my iPhone6, but I am not able to control Roon from the remote on my iPhone. I have checked “accept connections from remotes” but I am at a loss as to why I’m not able to control Roon from my iPhone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

may sound silly but are you on your wifi network and is it the network segment as your roon core?

Hi Paul, thank you for the quick response. Yes, I am on my wireless network and the network segment is my Roon core.

Is there a firewall enabled on your windows machine?

Yes. The remote was working fine up until a few weeks ago. I had some issues with my PC and had to reinstall windows 8.1, then re-upgrade to Windows 10 and the remote no longer worked.

Turn off any firewall, I had issues will a Roon ready device being not seen correctly. You can always turn on again if it doesn’t help.

Hello James,
Is it possible that when you had to reinstall your OS and then upgrade to Win10 that your roon remote app and core are responding as if another computer and only allows one computer at a time? Or do I have that wrong about when “changing computers” and employing roon? I know I could be more precise, but I am just brainstorming (if I dare to call it that). Would reinstalling the Roon remote app on your iPhone 6 make a difference if only to eliminate yet another possible impediment (if it even is one?)
If I am not even close to what the conflict might be, then never mind.

I tried that too and still no success.

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried disabling my firewall and tried connecting the Roon Remote and still no success.

Hello James,
Excuse my lack of experience as I am all Apple with core on a Mac Mini 2011 Thunderbolt Edition and Remote App on both an iMac mid 2013, an iPhone 6Plus and an iPad Air 2. So I am not connecting with a PC and an Apple product. Thought there were different editions of roon, one for Windows and one for iOS and did not realize one can be used with the other OS or iOS.
Only once did I encounter a time when my iPad Air 2 and the roon Core lost connectivity. Can’t explain the mishap. Tried everything. Ended up getting a lot of exercise by going over to my Mac Mini to make selections (rather than go iTunes/Apple Remote App).
Yet the next listening session, the roon core and my iPad Air 2 roon remote app worked flawlessly together again. I am trying to fathom what impediment if PC roon core and a remote roon app on an iPhone are compatible would prevent the connectivity given no firewall protection is interfering.
I am also curious as to where the calvary is since no one from the Oracles at roon have come forward to give you a leg up with this. Not finding fault, mind you. Just wondering how you might get the attention you need.
Are your iPhone’s WiFi settings correct for the handshake? Sometimes I have noticed that the WiFi on my 6Plus got turned off or another network was somehow selected when, in fact, I did nothing to change it. For example my Sony UHD 4K or another related network in my family had somehow been chosen and I couldn’t connect up to other smart features until I realized that my main network was not the one selected.
I am sure you have visited all these probabilities and are now seeking someone at roon to offer a way to sort this matter out so that your remote app and roon core play nicely together.
Wishing you a speedy and reliable recovery to get back to the enjoyment of the music.

Hi @James_Holland — My apologies for the slow response and the troubles here. Can you please confirm for me that the iphone 6 and PC have IP addresses in the same range (ie

If needed:


You can also try and app like FING on the iPhone to scan your network looking for devices that it can see showing up its self in the process

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Thank you. I have downloaded Fing and I’m trying it now.

Hi Eric, I have confirmed that my iPhone6 IP address is: and my NetGear router IP address is:

Thank you for your response. I got a response from Roon so hopefully they’ll be able to help me to sort this issue out. I’m glad you got your situation figured out and I’m hoping it’s a quick process for me as well now that the Roon folks are involved.

Glad to read about the arrival of the cavalry. In my opinion, roon support is the best for any player on the market. I am sure they have plenty to deal with on their plate. And with their arrival, I am confident, you will sort this matter to your satisfaction.

Good fortune,

Hi @James_Holland ---- Thank you for confirming! Were you able to locate the ip address of your PC?


You should see all your devices listed in Fing…if there are things missing then its possible your WIFI is a different subnet and unless your router is capable of routing between subnets then you might not see the LAN wired connections for the WIFI connections, but both will see the internet. This could also be because you are connecting to a guest wifi network setup that hides your other devices from guests

Hi Paul, thank you for this information. I do not see my LAN in Fing so that could be the issue.

It looks like my PC IP address is