Remote on iOS iPhone XS crashes a lot

Yes it is.

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Hi @jmvdv,

I’ve been discussing this issue further with QA and they have a few questions to clarify the timeline of what you did to resolve this behavior, can you please let me know:

  1. After clearing the image cache and the queue, did you also reboot the phone or reinstall the Roon app on the iPhone or as soon as your cleared both of these out the app stopped crashing?

  2. How big was the queue screen prior to you clearing it out? Do you recall the approximate number of items in the queue?

  1. No
  2. Wouldn’t know… sorry
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Thanks for the information @jmvdv, just to clarify further on the first point since it’s not very clear - as soon as you cleared the image cache and removed the queue, the crashing stopped? Without even having to exit the Roon app or perform any reboot/reinstall? This is an important aspect so please do let us know.

This is what I did:

  1. Remove queue (remove next -> remove everything)
  2. Empty image cache in settings
  3. Close Roon from multitask view (swipe up to remove)
  4. Open Roon

Got the max memory setting on 256mb. Don’t know if that’s the default setting.

Still no crashes… but emptying queue more often.

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Thanks for letting me know @jmvdv, I’ll inform QA of the exact steps you used.

Still no crashes… so think the queue/images were the problem.

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Hi @noris,

Unfortunately the crashes are starting again… now with a clean queue.

When I ’ve got the time I will check the logs.

Hi @noris,

New log here:

Going to clear the cache again from settings, and going to check if it’s going to crash after that.


Thanks @jmvdv. I’ll get these over to the team but getting reproduction steps would be the most useful info to gather at this point. If you notice any pattern right before getting into the state, do let me know.

So it’s working again without crashing :man_shrugging:

Will try to remember next time it happens…

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Hi @jmvdv,

We are still looking into this issue and we are looking for users who would be willing to install a special version of the Roon app with additional logging capabilities. If you are interested, please PM @dylan, thanks!

@dylan and @noris

Reopening this thread since nothing has changed in 1.8 build 756.

Frankly speaking, Roon on iOS is ■■■■■■■

  • Crashing
  • Low res icons
  • White bg with dark theme

Seems like Roon doesn’t like strange retina resolutions (anything different than power of two)…

Icons could be vectors, or higher res!

So issue is still the same. Crashing when scrolling through my albums…

Hello @jmvdv ,

Thank you for the additional reports, if you are still seeing this behavior in Roon 1.8 we have an investigation thread here where it’s best to keep all the reports in one place:

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