Remove the two extra steps to delete track/album [Implemented in Roon 1.7]

Since the last update I now have to complete a further two steps to delete a track or album:

‘This action cannot be undone’

  • and -

‘These tracks will be removed from your TIDAL favorites’ (I’ll ignore the American spelling of favourites…)

This is unnecessary and, to be honest, mildly annoying. Why did this have to change from what it was before? At least make it an option in Settings to turn ‘Require Confirmation Before Deleting’ on or off.


I believe it was considered necessary because too many people deleted real tracks while trying to remove Tidal content.

Personally, I think there should be 2 delete processes, one for Streaming and one for real content. That way the extra warnings should stay with the delete real content process, and a lesser warning can accompany removing Streaming content.

Edit: Edited to include more than just Tidal.


I think “removing” Tidal content from your library should not be named deleting because it is not. That’s where all the confusion comes from, it just isn’t named right. All the extra steps are totally not needed when everything is named after what it is.


Or, another way to eliminate the confusion: remove the delete action entirely. (Go from “Roon does not modify your files, unless you tell it to delete them…” to “Roon does not modify your files. Period.”)

Then instead of the delete action, we have a single “Remove from library” action. The language of this works whether the track source is Tidal streaming or a file on a local or networked storage location.


Yes, that would be the most logiucal step for Roon. Since Roon won’t let you browse directories and won’t let you tag your files or modify them in any way why would you wan’t Roon to be able to delete your files. No modification allowed but destruction is O.K. ?

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Still very annoying. Way too much cursor movement back and forth across screen and the check boxes are too small. To delete an album on a PC:

  • Right click album
  • Move cursor to top right, click edit
  • Move cursor to Album Edit window, scroll down to Delete Album which is not visible until scroll
  • Move cursor to Delete Album, click Delete
  • Move cursor to Delete X tracks, click Delete
  • Move cursor to small “Are you sure?” box, click to check box
  • Move cursor to small “X Local Files” box, click to check box
  • Checking a third box is sometimes necessary
  • Move cursor to Yes button, click

Please streamline to one or two steps or add a “confirmation required to delete?” toggle setting which defaults to confirmation required.


Haha, I was going to write a post on this myself and noticed this.

It’s become especially relevant to me as I’m going through a 2nd backup of my entire collection trying to rationalise a working copy to fit onto a single 4tb small drive for holidays and such, and using the delete option extensively.

I count 9 clicks from selecting album on browser to deleting and return to browser.

It really does need rationalising.

Well, you could select more than one album before entering the Album Editor to delete them all at once…

Not with my workflow. If it were as simple as that I’d delete them at source via windows :slight_smile:

Different people, different needs.
Look at the old posts with a lot of people moaning that they accidentialy deleted an album. and we already had clear warnings on deleting. The current system is the result of these requests. So, if you want to turn it back, you are starting a new circle, everything begins again.

After reading all the never ending complaints about extra steps to delete or, conversely, the unacceptable ease of deleting things, it seems like it should be a setup option as to how one wants to delete albums.

This is why I suggested: “add a ‘confirmation required to delete?’ toggle setting which defaults to confirmation required” instead of the IRS form we currently have.

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This is 100% @mike. I hate the confirms too.


Somehow I find this very comforting. Roonies, they’re just like us!

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Yeah. I’m agreed. This has to go.

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Please reconsider the idea where, for Tidal, you simply reverse the way you went in. Ie just ‘remove from Roon library’

Any other confirmations for local deletes you could always have pop up once, and then allow the warning preferences to be set in globals.

That is a somewhat separate topic. We want to totally re-do how streaming service library integration works in a way that allows you to have stuff from TIDAL in your Roon library without having it in the TIDAL library too…but doing this right is beyond the scope of making deletes work differently.

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In my opinion Roon should never touch the music files themselves … deleting local content in Roon should just be a logical flag in the Roon DB to mark the music as “deleted”.

To maintain, I suggest that focus --> inspector should have an option to display “deleted” music, and then editing should be able to “un-delete” them if required.

If Roon / Roon users felt very strongly that Roon should be able to remove the files, then that could be implemented with a “Trash Can” purge feature … similar to Windows / Mac with appropriate warnings.


Now that sounds like the way it should be done!

This won’t work for me. I use Roon to delete duplicates from my ancient Sooloos system all the time.

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