Removing metadata

The wrong metadata has been chose for an album, how do I remove it and leave me with just my own metadata?

Click the pencil to the very right side. Choose Identify Album. Click None Of these look right on each of the windows that come up. Eventually it will give you an option to use basic file information.

This doesn’t completely get rid of the meta data in Roon as my album is in the wrong running order.

I assume the album you’re dealing with doesn’t come up with any matches using the Identify feature?

Either way, the order in Roon will be based on your tags and file names, so you should be able to edit the files directly (although I understand from your other thread for now you may have to restart Roon or enabled/disable the NAS if you want the changes picked up immediately).

Let me know how that goes @fritzg – I think this should work, but if not I’d like to understand why and get it fixed for you.

It came up with a match, but ended up being wrong (before I caught it and accepted it). It is a multi-disc album and even with taking it back to “no match” it still has the running order of the incorrect match and does not use the file numbering as I did before it was matched.

And there is another issue of Roon importing m4v video files and the “iTunes lp” files and trying to make an album out of those. I’d like to exclude those files from Roon.

@mike Well, I was able to remove the Roon running order by deleting the album from my drive, re-scanning in Roon and then putting the album back and rescanning. Only then was I able to restore the original running order of the album.