SMB Scanning in Realtime

How does this work? I added some files to an SMB folder/volume Roon is watching in real time and they were not added until I restarted the program. Is this normal?

Hey @fritzg – we’re looking at some issues here, and there’s a ticket open internally to track this. It works in some cases, but not always.

I’m going to link back to this thread, and we’ll let you know when we have a clear sense of why this is happening, and what the timeline is for addressing the issue. Appreciate your patience here.

I had to get creative to get a Drobo NAS to feed Roon. Making this work requires 1) mounting share from Drobo app so that I had an SMB mount, then 2) creating an alias and put it on the desktop, then finally 3) navigating the local folder path to the reference the alias.

This works fine for me. The alias can then be deleted from your desktop, if desired. If I used the SMB network path then library update were not syncing properly - for example, only one track (usually #2) would sync but then the rest would never display. Hope this helps.

@mike Thought I would cross post this, I get m3u playlists importing immediately (in a playlist only folder no less), but music, either flac, alac, or aac needs a reboot of Roon to be rescanned and imported. Very odd.

I have a theory on this, assuming @fritzg is running a Mac as his Roon Core.

Having spent some time comparing Roon Core on a Mac and on a PC, I have found the PC version much more responsive to changes in NAS status.

For example when shutting down a NAS (which has all the music files save Tidal), when using Roon Core on a Mac Mini, it takes greater than 10 minutes for Roon to discover the NAS is offline and update the album/artist/track count. Whereas when using Roon Core on a PC this change in state of the NAS is detected in less then a minute of not instantly.

Similarly I have found ( sorry I don’t have timings on me ) that Roon Core running on a PC is quicker to discover when the NAS comes online.

Mike, you may already be well aware of this, and if so, apologies for the post.

Interesting theory, and yes, I am running a Mac as core. However, Roon instantly recognizes new playlists, or actually edited playlists.

Bump. Soon still not recognizing new albums in a watched SMB folder. Mac mini and Sinology NAS.

Hi @fritzg – we’re aware of some scattered reports here, and we will be investigating the issue. That investigation hasn’t kicked off quite yet, but it will soon and we’ll let you know what we find.

Thanks for your patience here!

I discovered a new wrinkle to this issue. I use a Mac mini as a core and a MacBook Air as a remote. Both are connected via SMB3 to a Synology NAS.

When music is added from the core machine it is recognized immediately. When added from the remote machine the core app needs to be restarted and a new scan needs to happen.

Thanks for following up here @fritzg. Let me give you a little background about what we know about this issue, and an update about what we’re working on to address it.

So, Roon leverages OSX’s network storage infrastructure for watching NAS drives, and we’ve become aware of some weaknesses that jibe with what you describe. Basically, when OSX is aware of a change on the network drive, it lets us know and we update your library immediately

However, in certain situations OSX can be unaware of changes, particularly if they are made directly to the network drive without Finder (on the Core machine) being involved. If OSX fails to notice the changes, Roon isn’t notified, and the changes don’t show up in your library until a rescan is triggered. The rescan can be triggered a few different ways, but obviously in certain cases we’re not getting updates from the NAS as often as we’d like.

We’re investigating a couple ways we may be able to perform better in these cases, and we’re also planning to allow for manual rescan from the Storage tab of Settings. This way, you’ll always be able to force it if we’re not picking up changes in a timely way. Browsing to the folder in Finder also seems to be a workaround, but obviously that’s not helpful when you’re running remote.

Expect another update on this issue soon, and sorry again for the inconvenience guys.

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Thanks @mike

An option to schedule a manual scan would be helpful.


Like other things on the network writing to the NAS. :smile:

A manual rescan button would be nice. I came here to the forum because I couldn’t find one. But I expect changes to the NAS to happen over time, so maybe we could also have Roon regularly trigger a rescan. LMS has an optional setting for that, together with being able to specify the interval between. I haven’t made up my mind what the interval should be…

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