Replace Tidal tracks with Qobuz tracts

is there a way to either filter all tracks by streaming source i.e. just display all tracks from tidal. or a way to replace tracks in my library from tidal with qobuz?

soundiiz wont work for what im trying to do because im trying to just replace individual tracks - not albums or playlists

Use the filter to show just the tidal tracks.

thanks, but how exactly?

you need to click on Focus to access the filtering options. Yes, the wording can lead to confusion, especially when there is another filter icon on the screen.

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thanks )

now i have all my tidal tracks displayed what’s the easiest way to replace the ones in my library with qobuz tracks instead - is there any way other than searching for each track in qobuz one by one?

Use Soundiiz or one of the other transfer apps.

Im looking for a way to replace a tidal track with the qobuz eqUivalent - soundiiz doesnt suit for this

Why not exactly?

replacing Tidal tracks with Qobuz tracks, that’s exactly what I used Soundiiz for. Worked perfectly.

EDIT… wait, you’re saying “tracks” and at the top you said “not albums”… sorry, I missed that.

I replaced albums. I don’t think I’ve ever imported or favorited or saved individual tracks to my library. Only albums.

You can do tracks too.

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I dont want to dl all tracks, i only want to do a selection - soundiiz doesnt allow you to do that easily.

Put them in a playlist and then just transfer that.


There really should be a way to do this inside roon