Replaying 5.1 FLAC files to Oppo UDP 203 via Roon. Only getting 2 channels

I have collection of 5.1 FLAC files on my NAS which play perfectly in surround when I access them on my Oppo via the ‘Network’ file menu. it’s a bit laborious and not as pretty as Roon.

However, despite them appearing correctly ID’d as 24/96 5.1, in my Roon library, they are remixed 5.1 to 2.0 whether I have the device Setup Multichannel Mixing box set to ‘Channel Mapping’ Only or ‘Downmix as Needed’. Is there a hidden ‘Leave files alone’ setting? :wink:

The difference those settings do seem to make though is that Bit Depth Conversions occur in the case of ‘Channel Mapping Only’, whereas if ‘Downmix as Needed’ is checked, there are no bit depth conversions in the process.

The net result in both is Signal Path : Enhanced, but output only in 2 channel stereo via HDMI to my Marantz AVR.

Selecting the music files directly from the Oppo gives me full 5.1 through the same setup.

Any ideas as to how I can play my 5.1 through Roon?

Thanks guys.

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I’ve moved your post over the the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by the support team.

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Hi @Rob_Crossland,

I would try connecting your Oppo via HDMI to the Core to stream multi-channel files. The Oppo 203 does not support multichannel via other inputs, only though HDMI as far as I know.

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Well, this file is getting into my 203 either via ethernet or WiFi from my Synology. Just used the network file browser to locate it and pressed ‘go’.

And it’s definitely playing in 5.1.

This is why I’m confused. If it’s’that’ simple I don’t understand why Roon downmixes the files whichever of the two available settings I’ve tried. Thanks for your suggestions- we’ll get there!

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You already got your answer over in the other thread:


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