Restore backup failed after update to Build 1169

Did you also put your Roon remote back on Roon 2.0? Do you have an iPhone you can try? It’s Roon Remote (Legacy) in the Apple App Store.

Yes, I did put my remote (on my Macbook) back to 2.0. I also tried iPhone remote 2.0 app, but same results.

Was not avare of the iPhone remote 1.8 Legacy app. Tried this one also but it tells me that my Core is 2.0 and not compatible.

I’m sorry, I forgot you moved your core back to Roon 2.0. Of course, your remotes need to also be on 2.0.

I’m not sure what to tell you. If it was me, I would go back to Roon 1.8 Legacy and restore your backup and get everything working properly on Roon 1.8 Legacy. Maybe do another backup at that point.

At that point, you can maybe get some help from Roon @support to successfully migrate to Roon 2.0 and not lose your database.

I’m back on 1.8 now, thanks to you Jim. Enjoying my music, although missing my edits from after July (and ARC). I suppose support has many issues to take care of at the moment, but naturally I expect them to find a solution so that I can continue using Roon 2.0.

I tried to make a new backup from 1.8, then update to 2.0, but the problem is still the same also after deleting the database and trying to restore the new (1.8) backup. So I can not find any solution as how to get back to 2.0.

I must admit, that I’m a little puzzled why I hear nothing from Roon Support, not even a confirmation that they have read my issue. At the moment, being forced back on 1.8, with my backup from July, I cannot make any changes/addition to my database, as I hope to be able to restore my backup from november. And of course I cannot use ARC. I really would like to know when (and if) I can expect some help, and also what chances are, that my issue can be solved.

Tried the new 2.0 (build 1182) - same problem.

Hi @support this gentleman has been waiting 2 weeks…

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I guess your backup is corrupt, which can happen because of a lot of reasons. e.g. power switching off, faulty SSD/HDD, interrupting a process and so there are a lot more to think about. You probably have to rebuild your library from scratch even though that means losing your current edits.

With all due respect, but if you make that many edits (you indicate you did tons of edits, and it is that drastically that you would leave roon if a fix was not applicable), you should make a regular database backup and not store it on your server. That’s asking for a disaster to happen (think of cloud solutions).

Here is one solution which worked for someone with a 1.8 migration to 2.0. Roon Migration Flub-up - #41 by Bruce_Barbour

Thanks @Lars_Grootkarzijn for trying to help. I have always made regular database backups, locally and cloud. I acnowledge that they can be corrupt, theoretically all of them and some of them might be. But when I downgrade to 1.8 legacy, I’m able to successfully restore a backup from July 2022, so how can this backup be corrupt?

Did the problem occur after upgrading from 1.8 to 2.0. Or after upgrading from a 2.0 build to a newer 2.0 build? I thought the inital problem was the second. I added a link to my first post, you might want to take a look at that.

The problem started when upgrading from a previous 2.0 version to 1169 where I could no longer recover any of my ver. 2 backups. When I downgrade to 1.8 I can recover my 1.8 backup (not ideal but much better than loosing all my database) and I have a fully working Roon 1.8. But when I upgrade to 2.0 my Remote can not find my Core.

So I’m kind of forced to stay on 1.8 where have most of my database back. If I move to 2.0 I have to live without my whole database - built it from scratchs again. In none of those workarounds I can make additions, edits etc. because I have no lasting solution (database) at the moment.

Thanks for the link, but it refers as I read it to a situation where the server is on a Mac. Mine is on a NUC, so I don’t think this offers a solution for me?

You are aware that a Roon Core 1.8 needs a different Roon app to control it than a 2.0 Core?
So my best bet is to install your q.8 Roon, restore your 1.8 db backup to it, then installa the latest 2.0 Roon “on top of it” and switch to the 2.0 App controlling it.
Makes sense? :slight_smile:

@Mikael_Ollars yes thank you. I use Roon Remote 1.8 for the 1.8 Legacy Core and Remote 2 for the 2 Core. But I still have no lasting solution. Either stay on 1.8 (as long as it works) or go to 2.0 loosing all my database.

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Ok, that is what I thought. I might think your 2.0 backups are corrupted.

Yes, the OS is different, but the build of Roon Server should not be really different between distros. It seems to be the only solution, and since support did not come up with a solution there either, it seem like that might be your best bet.

You might try to extract anything important from your backup and add it to your new install folder.

@Lars_Grootkarzijn I’m not certain what you mean.

First thing: I would certainly think that support should be able to make a solution going from a perfectly working 1.8 to 2.0? Otherwise they will leave me - and possible many others - with no way to bring our database to 2.0.

Second: how is it possible to extract anything important (of course I would say everything in my database is important) from my 1.8 database and add it to my new install folder (on my NUC)?

For your first point: I do not know if 1.8 databases are compataible and thus interchangeable to 2.0. If so, I am certain support will respond some time. This may take some time though, as a lot of questions get asked every week (~250). Also, it is close to the holidays.

So, rather then waiting you might want to try what the user did in the link I mentioned.

For your second point, I don’t know. I never use backups, as I find rescanning my library easier. There must be some things in this map which have your changes you might be able to copy and paste. That is more of a trial and error though.

Not anymore, that window closed with

You can still dowload 1.8 on your devices, then restore the 1.8 backup, and upgrade back to 2.0. You’ll lose any changes that you made between the last 1.8 backup and now, but it’s better than nothing.

@Nepherte thanks but no, unfortunately upgrading from 1.8 to 2.0 does not work for me.

Hi @Hans_N ,

Do you by any chance still have the RoonServer-old folder with the issue? Can you please access the Logs folder contained inside it and upload the full log set to the following link and let us know once uploaded?