I miss my Roon - how long waiting time for support normally?

Hello fellow Roon users.

I have a serious problem after updating to 1169 not being able to restore my backup. I made a post in this forum 14 days ago, and I have still heard nothing from @support, which I find a bit worrying (especially as a lifetime member).

I really miss my Roon, so I would like to hear if 2 weeks of waiting is normal? And perhaps an estimate of how long time I can expect before support chime in? Or some tips to get their attention?

I sympathise . I too have had constant problems and playback issues and am wondering if it’s possible to sell on a Lifetime Subscription ? Vanishing Nucleus + (A) Library
Perhaps , Amarra or JRiver or even Vlc or Foobar , although not on a par with Roon usually , will at least give me the gift of music for Christmas :smiley:

If you search the forums you will find many other pleas for help from @support so I guess they must be a bit swamped but it would be nice to get an acknowledgement and tip that help is coming hopefully before Christmas . Before bedtime last night my Roon Nucleus+ library stood at over 45k tracks but this morning
its zero !

Best of luck in finding a fix


Waiting on Roon support or bug fixes is a fool’s errand. In your situation, stop Roon, delete the database and then restart it.

@evand: I did try deleting the database and restarting. Starting all over. But I cannot restore my backup, meaning I will loose thousands and thousands of edits, all my favourites etc. This might be fine for many users, but not for me.

I chose lifetime subscription because I love Roon functionality and believing Roon to be a serious company giving support when necessary. I still believe they will, I’m just asking when I can expect them to give me some support.

Well, definitely not on the weekend. I agree two weeks feels too long. I’d suggest you delete this thread and get the conversation back on your main support request. No one other than the support team can really help you in this situation, and having two threads isn’t going to do you any good with them :slight_smile:

@moonloop: sorry to read about your problem!

I hope I will not get to the point where selling my lifetime subscription comes to mind. Love Roon and still expect them to give us some support.

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Grooming metadata inside a closed ecosystem is a really, really bad idea. It invites exactly the kind of issue you now have. You’d be better off doing the grooming directly in your file based metadata or via Musicbrainz so that it persists whether or not you use Roon and whether or not your database becomes corrupted for whatever reason. Putting it in musicbrainz means all users benefit, whether using Roon or not and Roon ingests it for own benefit anyhow, so it’s probably the best way to go.

But this is another topic: how long time can I expect before getting support from Roon? That’s all I ask in this thread. I can not find any information about this on Roon’s website, and I don’t even know if support has read my request.

I’m sure many of you have been in contact with support and can give me some idea if 2 weeks waiting is normal. And even perhaps an estimate :slight_smile:

If 2 weeks - or perhaps 1 month - is perfectly normal that would be nice to know. And if it is normal for support not to indicate that they have put my request in line that would also be nice to know (although I do not approve of such a practice)

@evand: hopefully this might not be the lesson learned for me, as this is exactly what I thought Roon would offer. But thanks for pointing me to musicbrainz in the hopefully unlikely case, that support can not help me fix this problem.

None of us know how they manage SLAs or tickets. There is a lot of variability, and it’s not entirely clear how they prioritize or triage. I have a lot to say about how to run a modern support function, and it’s not on a forum. But I am at great pains to distinguish between what I think is poor support model design and the hardworking, dedicated, wonderful, friendly, resourceful, committed staff at Roon.

All that said, if your goal is to get support on your other ticket - I really really encourage you to move this out of support and into #feedback because I think it’s going to run the risk of distracting from your goal which is to get your Roon fixed - that’s my hope and goal too, to get you back on the road. So I encourage you to be respectful but active in self-advocating with the folks who are on the support team and see if you can get someone involved by @ tagging them, generally as a group instead of individually until you know who is on it.

Anyways, I don’t want to come off as a partisan. I’ve been fairly lucky in my experience, and I’ve twice resorted to “starting from scratch” because I’ve done less editing than you. Both times it sucked. But both times it was because I lost backups (one time corruption, one time flakiness on my own part). I think there’s a long way to go. I see the improvement, others perceive the failures. We’re both right. I just hope you get fixed soon and get back to the great music!

Sorry I had no intention at all to be unrespectful, not to the support team, not to the members of this forum. As I have written I have faith that support will sort out this problem eventually.

I will try to move this thread to feedback. If I can not I will delete it.

I bet @ moderators [changed because already done by Hans himself] can move it for you, or maybe better merge it into your support thread. I don’t mean to say you were disrespectful at all, you weren’t!!! I just mean that even tho it’s frustrating, your best bet is to get all this activity on the actual problem you’re trying to solve. Good luck!

Thank you @Johnny_Ooooops, I think I (quite easily) managed to move it to Feedback. I’ll let it stay here to keep the support thread as clean as possible.

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