Rhein Z1 Roon Server : official or unlicensed? [—> unlicensed]

This product is currently being distributed in France (and probably elsewhere) at a retail price of 1800€. @danny is this Thunder Data company an official partner ? Can’t see them on the partner list. Looks expensive and with unsubstantiated bla bla as marketing pitch.

Note from the specs: “Support all Roon Server features excepts DSP features.”

Not an official partner. They are violating our terms. We recommend you stay away from them. We have contacted them asking to stop.

Hi danny,

This is Chorus from Thunder Data Co. Ltd.

Sorry to make you confused.
What below describe the status of Rhein Z1:

  1. We have not sell Rhein Z1 yet. We will check why you see it distributed in France.
  2. We have removed the Roon Server feature from Rhein Z1 and the web site content is updated.
  3. The Rhein Z1 is a specially designed server and will be shipped with our own OS, which allow users to use a mobile app to manage the Rhein Z1.

Best regards,

Hi Danny,

From the description of Rhein Z1 that I posted.
Since Rhein Z1 used Silent Angel customized OS and does not include Roon OS inside, it does not violate the terms.
Do you agree with this?

BTW, we are also willing to join the license program of Roon OS.
Please kindly have contact person response my e-mail and let’s see how to start it.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Chorus Chuang

No. Even distributing RoonServer is against the T&C.

Rob [at] roonlabs.com is your contact.