Rock cannot see internal storage drive

Hey, sorry to continue a slightly older thread, but my issue is pretty related so figure it was better to keep them together. I’m in the same boat as TP two posts ago. I’m copying my music folder to ROCK NUC via my Mac, was able to set up SMB drive fine on the Mac, get access, etc…

Roon Rock comes up on my network just fine as a Roon library. I also have a lifetime subscription and I don’t really care if the libraries stay in sync and I’m not even sure that will be an option for me since the two machines will be in different houses without a common network connection.

Here’s my situation with the new Rock server:

When I go into Roon Settings Storage, it doesn’t see the local hard drive (that Rock is running fine on and that I can add folders/files to remotely from the Mac). Is there a trick here? On my Antipodes all the connected internal drives show up fine.

thanks in advance…

Hi Jay,

Support prefers a new topic for each user. Can you post your ROCK setup and a pic of your Roon Storage page, and a pic of the share you have been copying music to.

I assume your Rock has an extra data drive beyond the OS drive, which cannot be used for music storage.

I will do that, and no, it’s all one drive. The storage info page implied you could, so if you can’t, then there’s no reason for me to post a new ticket I guess. Maybe I can partition?

Hi Jay,

I already made you a new topic!! :smiley:

You cannot partition with Rock. Rock consumes and locks out the entire OS drive for itself. There is no way to use it for storage or anything else. That is why you have to add a second drive for storage. An external USB drive works great!!

Or, use a different OS, like Linux or Windows which will.allow you more freedom in how the hardware is used.

Sorry, i did too. You are fast.

Ok, that kind of sucks, my machine only has 1 drive slot so I guess I didn’t read enough into the bowels of the instructions to not spend $300 on a drive that’s 200x too large.

Thanks for the quick info.

Oh for a rock machine you want a small OS drive, these days that means a. 128 gb drive, anything over 128 gb is just wasted as a Rock OS drive.

Ahh you got the slim model. You could retool to Windows or Linux. Both would allow you to have the storage on the same drive. It’s not like ROCK has better SQ or anything.

Yeah, that’s a good point. Maybe I will go that route. Appreciate the help again.

The case I bought can take a second SSD, so I will get a 128 GB one to run Rock and then I assume the second 2TB drive will be seen by Rock ok and I can use that for the library.


I would

  1. Remove the current drive and install ROCK on the new drive.
  2. Erase the old drive on a different PC as sometimes two drives formatted for ROCK can confuse things.
  3. After you have erased the old drive, install it as the storage drive, remembering to reformat it via the button on the ROCK WEB UI.
  4. Start copying music over
  5. Review the migration document so that you can retain your previous edits, etc; unless you were just going to start over with the database.
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I can confirm that after loading the second SSD with Rock and staging it to boot first in the BIOS, (at least in my case) the machine will not boot correctly with the original SSD still in place (even with all the files manually deleted). Unplugging the original drive fixes this, and plugging it back in (as-is) breaks it again.

So I’m waiting for a USB-adapter to re-format the the original drive, which I will attempt to do from my Mac, and hopefully I can use it as a data drive for the music folders after that.


Hi @Jay_Parsons ,

It sounds like you have some good next steps here with @Rugby 's help (thanks for jumping in Daniel!), do let us know if you still need further assistance after the re-format.

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