ROCK crashing with Lacie 8TB USB-C HDD

Hi, i’ve been using ROCK successfully for a few months, so i decided it was time to move all my music from my NAS onto a new 8TB Lacie USB C HDD. Since doing this i have been unable to use roon.

Rock is installed on a Intel NUC7i7BNH, with a 250GB Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD. I have the roon apps installed on my MacBook Pro, Windows 8.1 PC and Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, all hardware is running up to date roon software.

I had some free time this morning so i decided to have a systematic look at what might be causing the trouble. I connected the NUC to my TV so i could see what ROCK was doing. On a new bootup, everything was looking good, it got to the point of telling me the IP address with the cursor flashing below on a new line. I started up the app on my MacBook and i could open roon, great news, so i thought i’d back up my database whilst i could, a minute or 2 in and the network dropped the connection. Looking at the television i could see that the OS had crashed as the cursor was no longer blinking. I restarted the NUC and all was well for another couple of minutes and the same thing happened, i did not open any apps, i just sat and watched the screen.

On a hunch i shut down ROCK and unplugged the HDD and restarted ROCK, it now works perfectly other than i have no music to listen to! Obviously the Lacie HDD is causing the issue, but i don’t know if it is this particular HDD, or a general USB-C issue.

Any ideas @support or other information you require?




I think the issue is USB-C compatibility, but can’t find the particular thread at the moment. It has certainly come up before with Lacie drives.
EDIT: Found it:

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I seem to recall there was some driver issues for the USB-C/TB3 port for ROCK/Linux - Does the Lacie have a USB-3 type cable option you can try?

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Try the Lacie using the included USB-C to USB adapter cable. As mentioned before, I think the USB-C/lightning bolt is not officially supported by ROCK yet.

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Thanks Guys, i’ve just got home and changed the cable to the USB-C to USB version and it is working, i’ll leaving playing and see how it is going later.


I recall asking about the C port and finding out it is only supported for monitors, not hard drives. But memory fades.

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