ROCK display CPU (and other) utilisation

I know ROCK doesn’t display disk, cpu or memory utilisation, but I think this is a major gap in the product as it stands today.

I have a ROCK setup doing convolution and upsampling and a procedural EQ that is giving me intermittent dropouts on just one endpoint. I’m trying to fault find, but as I can’t see what the available capacity is on my ROCK, and that I can’t log into a shell on the ROCK to check myself, I’m flying blind.

ROCK is running on a Linux based host where there is plenty of easy functionality available to allow Roon to display this data, even as a % on the web interface, or better still as something graphical that shows real time use.

I’m likely to deploy Snakeoil OS and run Roon server on that so I can get visibility of the system capacity, but this is a workaround that any sane person shouldn’t have to do.

You can tell how much processing headroom Roon has by checking the signal path. If it’s “struggling” (less than processing 100x faster than playing) it’ll tell you by how much.

Good luck.

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Thanks. I was hoping for something more granular than this to allow me to better optimise what I turn on and why it makes the impact it does. Processing is a composite metric, but I’d love to get the discrete metrics to better make my own decisions.

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Not going to happen. This idea goes against the core design philosophy of Roon OS.

If you need this insight, install Ubuntu or another distribution. RoonServer works well there. Roon OS is meant for those who just want things to work, not tweak it.

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