ROCK displays missing codecs in red

Installed ROCK on a Intel NUC.
Able to access Roon.
Able to access Roon through web browser.
Able to play music using iPad as remote.

In system status it displays missing codecs in red. I trying entering ROCK in Windows explorer but get nothing?

Maybe this helps:

Followed that by typing in on windows explorer and get nothing

Hopefully a Windows users can jump in and help you getting access to the SMB share of the NUC. (I’ve no Windows system anymore)

Do you know the IP address of your ROCK?
Have you tried typing in that address in Windows File Explorer? //192.168.x.x
Failing that working (at least temporarily) you could try this:
The settings they show in the example match my setup on Win10. You will need to restart your computer.
I should add I have the SMB Direct box also checked.

No still didnt work

Anybody ???

Do you have any other network devices that are showing or not showing? It sounds like network discovery is not working somehow.
Do you have network discovery enabled? in Windows:
If you continue to have problems finding your NUC, you should post this in Support. They will need more information about operating systems and how the network is set up in order to provide a more systematic solution.

Yes other network devices showing.Discovery is turned on.Can access rock optimized core kit with ip address in browser.And do i have to worry about missing codecs if everything seems to be working ?

You will if you have any MP3 or AAC files. Or if you try to stream them off Tidal or Qobuz. I went to file browser and network. Once in the right file simply drag and drop. If you have the right file properly unzipped it works.

So you type in \\ROCK\ into the address field in Windows Explorer, and get nothing? - Not even an error message?

When you get past your current problems, be aware that after unzipping ffmpeg the resulting file must be unzipped again to get the usable codec.

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Does this mean you are seeing the ROCK web GUI? Can you post a screenshot of that page?

Hi @Outlaw,

Can you please share a screenshot of your ROCK Web GUI page when accessing it via a PC? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to this community site.

Furthermore, if you type \\ROCK\ into Windows Explorer, are you presented with a connection to the ROCK’s data folder? Underneath the data folder, there should be a “Codecs” folder where the extracted ffmpeg file should be placed.

Note: You will need to extract this ffmpeg file via 7zip, as we have found this to be the best way to ensure that the ffmpeg file contents are extracted properly, using other apps sometimes cause issues.

Do you have a screen shot of where exactly im suppose to type in \ \ROCK\


You can also access via IP address (looks like the IP is from your screenshot)

(instead of the address you can use which is the correct one for your system)

my screen shot looks different