ROCK Not booting properly

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Intel NUC 813beh

Operating System

Version 1.0 (build 219) stable

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

BT Halo 2 Hub connected via Ethernet

Description Of Issue

I raised this issue a couple of days ago and thought that it has solved itself, however, it has not

Earlier today the music froze on one track (which it does every few days), so I rebooted the CORE to solve the problem

It would not reboot and I received the following message via an attached monitor


S.M.A.R.T. Status Bad, Backup and Replace
Press F1 to resume"

On pressing F1 I received the following

Pressing either y or n did not seem to have any effect

But eventually this message appeared

This meant I could control ROON again via a remote

So I decided to re-install Roon but it would not reboot after this either without going through the routine described above

On opening ROON I needed to re-input my account details and unauthorise the ROCK before it would connect to that same ROCK. All file information etc seems intact

This is the latest build information

Interestingly playing the same track (a Qobuz one), which caused the issue in the first case, caused it to freeze again. However I just moved the track on and it was fine

I really am unsure what next, should I reboot again or re-install ROON again?


That looks like a disk hw issue?

I would try replugging the ssd drive and perhaps the ram module/s too. If that doesn’t solve the issue you might need to get an ram on the ssd drive as it appears to have perhaps the culprit here.


That message is coming from your drive’s error checking firmware.

Here’s one example -

Probably that cheap Transcend drive you’re using is going south.

Hope your Roon library is backed up.
Might not be too late to backup right now.


The Seagate drive is an external hard drive attached to the Intel NUC. If I understand you correctly it is this drive that is malfunctioning not the NUC

It is quite old and thankfully fully backed up

So if I purchase a new external drive and transfer the files this should fix the problem, Sorry if this is a bit basic as a question but that is my IT knowledge level

I am also quite old but not fully backed up!

No, probably not the Seagate. I just pointed to that web site because it talked about S.M.A.R.T. technology.

This would have been better -

The fact that you are having trouble on boot and because of this -

I am thinking that it is the Transcend Nvme drive.

This is coming from your NUC’s BIOS. Probably because it can’t boot from the boot drive.

It seems like if the Seagate external drive were bad you wouldn’t have the boot trouble that you do.

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USB drive interfaces are often not smart enough to pass through SMART details as this is normally done only for internal SATA drives

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@dylan @support

Hi Dylan - Slim’s suggestion seems logical - is this what you would recommend



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Hi @Ken_Talbot,

Yes a SMART issue indicates a hardware-related error, most likely with the boot SSD or RAM as the others have noted. I would try re-seating the RAM and making sure that the connections for the internal SSD/NVME Drive are securely connected.

Hi Noris

Thank you all - particularly @xxx

If I replace my SSD - which is where I think the problem is - actually the card is a Transcend one - the one included in Roon’s list of necessary kit in your ROCK set up guide and it is only 6 months old - where do I start again in terms of the guidance notes for setting up a ROCK?

I assume the required BIOS plus necessary settings are still there, do I just copy the Roon image - what about UI files?


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Hi @Ken_Talbot,

Once you have the new SSD, I would follow the original ROCK install guide:

After you have followed the guide to install ROCK, you can restore the database to the new drive by using Roon’s Backup Manager.

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@Ken_Talbot, Have you seen this thread. I don’t like where this seems to be going.

Thanks Slim

This is a bit worrying

On removing the old SSD the plasticy backing had deteriorated somewhat i.e. gone brittle - so I assumed that it was definitely the SSD

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There has been some focus on M.2 drive reliability on the forum this week. I also have a NUC 8 and while I haven’t experienced a SSD failure (yet?) … this is definitely on my radar. Many people praise Samsung SSD’s for reliability, so that might be a good choice rather than waste time and money on inferior drives.

Hi @Ken_Talbot,

Just checking in - did the new drive resolve the issue?

Hi Noris

Thank you for your interest

Yes - it seems to have

But I am a bit worried by this thread - as I have exactly the same NUC

This guy has had to replace his SSD several times

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Thanks for the update @Ken_Talbot, looking into the other thread with the other users you flagged.
Do let me know if there’s any further issues on your end though.

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