ROCK not recognizing second external drive [Solved; use USB port]

After creating my ROCK (from an i7 NUC) and loading music files on to an 8TB external drive, I added a second external drive, a 4TB powerless drive via the C-type USB port. The drive was pre-formatted (exFAT) but no other system-level “stuff” was done: just plugged it in and rebooted.

a. Is a powerless drive a non-starter on this NUC?

  1. How do I compel the OS to see it? As I recall, no effort was required for the first drive. (My ability to attach a monitor now is somewhat, no make that considerably, inconvenient.)
  2. Once it is recognized, will the second drive be available to back up the Roon database (via the Roon remote)? Will it be mounted within the Storage folder, somewhere else, or entirely outside of the Roon system?
  3. The original intent was for it to serve as a back up drive for both music and database. Roon doesn’t provide a backup mechanism for music files, correct? Any recommendation for a backup app that works with ROCK drives on a with Mac-oriented network?

Thanks! John


I don’t believe ROCK works with the Thunderbolt 3 port, and since USB-C is the same port, you might have problems.
Your drive most likely has USB-A cable, so please use that one.


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Michael, that was the recognition problem. Many thanks.


I’m glad you’ve got it working.

Happy New Year!

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