ROCK on NUC -- 16GB RAM vs 32 GB RAM

How many RAM is essential for a system which is fast enough?

I myself have a NUC8i7 with 16 GB RAM

Does anyone have 32GB ram using an can report about the stability of roon?

I have no idea how to check, if 16 GB RAM is enough
Any tricks to do so?

I currently use a lot the iOS TIDAL and QOBUZ App, because it is much faster

All systems using newest version

As the discussion was closed - i want to start some part here again

I did not know, that it is better to close a thread than to fix a bug.

With NUC/ROCK, if it doesn’t crash, you have enough RAM.

However, if you only have one 16GB DIMM, then adding another one (or replacing it with two 8GB DIMMS) could give you a performance improvement through the move from one channel memory to two channel memory.


If it doesn’t crash, 16GB is fine. Rock is extremely lean.


I have 2x8

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Looks like you are all set!

Just like @mikeb had written (linked) in the other thread:

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They asked to open new threads for specific remaining issues simply because the large thread had become unmanageable

I have the NUC8I7BEH/Rock with 32gb ram, 2 16gb matched sticks. Started out with 2 8gb matched kit and the NUC was stable for 3 years, no problems. I opened the unit to upgrade my 2TB SATA SSD to 4TB and since I already had 2 matched 16gb kit on hand I put those in at the same time. Had that setup for going on 2 years now and it is stable. No issues with 16 or 32 gb ram.


Two 8 gb memory modules is what you want.

Funny, 2 month of waiting for fixing a bug
But if i criticise roon, they react within 24 hours and delete the post instead of fixing the bug

If posts are flagged by “the community”, that’s brings them to the attention of the moderator team and Roon admin.
If said flagged post is deemed to be inappropriate or inaccurate then it may well be removed yes.
Any “bugs” you think are relevant to your situation has no bearing on flagged posts whatsoever.

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I have a NUC with one SSD card of 16gb of RAM. Can I just put in a second memory card on the other slot and I’m good to go, or do I have to do anything else, other than just power the unit back? Thanks. Cheers

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I’ve been running ROCK on a NUC with a 4.2Ghz i5 and 16GB of DDR4 RAM for about a year now, and while I think it could be faster, it does run fine. I’d be curious to know whether any slowness I do experience (to be clear, I do not consider it to be “slow” overall) is due to the hardware or Roon’s cloud functions. Since ROCK is such a lean operating system, I am less inclined to think there’s any kind of bottleneck in my hardware.

Your i7 with 16GB should theoretically be more than enough.

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You can add a second 16gb stick but it should be identical to the one you have. If you can’t find a match then get a kit which will have 2 matched sticks. Memory is not expensive Then yes just power down the nuc, add or replace the memory sticks then power back up.

Thanks. It’s the same stick (Crucial RAM CT16G4SFRA266 16GB DDR4 2666MHz CL19). I bought a second unit now on Amazon because it was on sale. I’m not sure if I must expect any real benefit but the offer was tempting (lol)

The benefit should be 2 paths to the total amount of memory vs one, so it might be a bit quicker but hardly noticeable. The additional amount of memory could come in handy in the future if Roon decides to make use of it.


I’ve done it and it’s working. Do you know if there’a any place/screen where I can check the actual amount of ram being used by the NUC? Thank you.

If you have a monitor connected it might display the amount of memory onboard during the boot sequence but Roon doesn’t have any kind of performance monitor where that information can be accessed.

I tried that but it didn’t display that kind of information. Thank you anyway. In any case, it seems to be running smoothly.

You can find the total RAM fitted in the BIOS.

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