ROCK on Nuc -- Codecs Do Not Work

Nuc i3 4G RAM about 60G hard drive

Everything works except I can’t play MP3 and certain other files. I can play FLAC, WAVE and some others. I get a message that I’m missing codecs.

Rock is running on the NUC. I copied TAR ffmpeg file into the Codec folder in the DATA Directory of ROCK running on the Nuc and rebooted. I did this many times. I still can’t play music files in certain codecs.

I’m running an Xfinity modem into a Netgear Switch. Nuc and main computer is ethernet. Endpoints (Rasperry Pi, Sonos, Mytek Bridge and some stuff playing with Chromecast/Airplay) are on WiFi.

There are various audio connection and DACs. DACs are Mytek, McIntosh, Schiit, Sonos, to name a few.

Please help. I would like to play my music in these lossy formats. Thanks.

I don’t have a nuc but with the QNAP you need to completely unpack the file and only install the ffmpeg file on its own.

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Agreed the tar is stilled compressed its need to be unpacked with something like 7-zip.
I just realized that you said in the other thread that you uncompressed it.

Will need to get @support involved as there seems to be something weird going on.

Right. I unpacked it. I just tried renaming it to just ffmpeg. That didn’t work. I think I’ve read and understand the Roon articles on this.

You dont rename anything, the TAR file once unpacked properly will have a file named ffmpeg. This instruction is for QNAP but the process for unpacking the TAR file is the same.: -

Pardon if this comes accross as obvious but, just to be clear on how the process works:

The file you download is “ffmpeg-git-amd64-static.tar.xz” (which is a double compressed set of files and it takes two steps to open tar.gz files)

First: you unpack the *.tar.gz file and that gets you a directory “ffmpeg-git-amd64-static.tar” that contains the file “ffmpeg-git-amd64-static.tar” (another compressed file)

Second you unpack file “ffmpeg-git-amd64-static.tar” which gets you directory “ffmpeg-git-amd64-static” which contains directory “ffmpeg-git-20210425-amd64-static”

Directory “ffmpeg-git-20210425-amd64-static” contains two directories and five files, one of which is “ffmpeg” with no file extension.

As @Scotav says you should not be “renaming” anything to get the “ffmpeg”.


Right. I found the correct file. And it now works.

This is resolved.

Thanks, all, for the help!


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