ROCK on NUC i7 Very slow to update

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk X10

Connected Audio Devices

None (all connections networked)

Number of Tracks in Library

270,000 tracks

Description of Issue

This was discussed in connection with the latest Roon Update. My first posting was here. Latest posting was here.
If I re-install the OS everything is “fixed” - until the next morning, when the symptoms arise once again. This has continued every day now for a week. @support

Do you leave your core running 24/7?

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Yes, the core runs 24/7.

This all started following upgrade to 1.8. Re-installing the OS seems to work for about 24 hours, and then we’re back to the loss of connection issues.

I think you need to tag @support here

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I thought I was communicating with support by posting here. How do I call their attention to this thread? (How do you “tag” it?)

I have already done it…

Thank you!

You are pushing the Nuc with an i3 7100u and over 150k tracks. How much ram do you have in it?

FYI I use the same Nuc setup with 300k+ tracks and 12gb ram and it’s still ok…

What ssd type are you using? Nvme or SATA

Sorry. I have several NUCs and was mistaken about the Rock machine. It is a NUC7i7BNH. Quite old I’m afraid (manufactured June 2017) - but it has been running quite well until now. (Actually as I am typing this it’s playing my playlists quite well, but who knows what will happen tomorrow.) I don’t recall how much ram is in there - I don’t even remember where I bought it. I recently replaced the two USB drives I was using for file storage with a single WD 18TB Elements drive. Roon Database & Settings shows 84% of 114 GB available.

I have several too also the i7BNH in a fanless case with 16GB RAM and 256G Samsung NVMe and its fine with 330K tracks. dont skimp on the RAM

But TBH a MacMini M1 with 256G disk and 16GB ram leaves the NUC’s in the dust.

Could the problem be that the latest Roon update requires additional computing power - especially for large music collections? Might that be the cause of these drop-outs and failures to find resources? Should I consider a computer upgrade, perhaps to a NUC10i7FNH with 32 GB of RAM? Could I just pop the old SSD into the new computer, or would I need to re-create everything on a new drive? @support

“…But TBH a MacMini M1 with 256G disk and 16GB ram leaves the NUC’s in the dust.”

It’s not that lopsided…

Well I’m not talking about a gaming focused machine but general NUC or those used in the Roon Nucleus. No idea what that gaming rig costs or how noisy it is when it’s being pushed either.

Hi @Ronald_Lyster ,

What exactly do you mean by “slow to update”? Do you see any error messages displayed or just the lost connection screen? How much RAM do you have on that Core? Theoretically, yes you can swap the OS drive over and it should carry the database, can’t say for sure if the audio drivers will carry over properly, but you can give this a try and if there are any issues reinstall ROCK and restore from a backup.

For about a week the machine would fail to find the core, then would stutter on and off, then would lose the connection. This was after the latest update. (The problem did not appear until the latest update, and the machine is 4 years old.) The issue has improved, but still exists. I have 8GB RAM.
Is the NUC 10 a significant upgrade from the NUC 7 - enough to warrant spending $900 on a new machine? Or would an increase in memory be enough? Or is this my problem at all? If this is my problem (insufficient computing power) would the latest NUC (the NUC 11) be a good choice?

Clean out the fan…if it’s not in a Fanless chassis

No fan. (Fanless box.)

Hi @Ronald_Lyster ,

This sounds like it could be a network or hardware issue. If you see this occur again, can you please use these instructions to access your ROCK logs and upload a set here?

We have not certified NUC11 at the present time, for a list of all supported ROCK models please see:

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Thank you, Noris. Although the problem seems to have cooled a bit, I still uploaded the log files and would certainly appreciate your advice.