ROCK release date yet again [Update: it's out!]

To RoonLabs developers,
Now that the beans have been spilled (or the cat is out of the bag) about RoonLab’s hardware (Nucleus, running ROCK OS ),
is it reasonable to believe that ROCK will be released soon, like in a few hours/days? Or do we still have to wait until August when Nucleus becomes available?

My guess is we won’t see ROCK until after hardware drops. If they are trying to expand into hardware, it would be a poor business decision to release the OS its intended to run for free before they can start making money on Nucleus. I would be very surprised we see ROCK before fall.

You are likely right guerph, I am afraid.
Even worse, tha pesimist in me is thinking that perhaps, and for the same bussiness reasons, ROCK may never be available as a free, standalone OS option.

Come on, dude. August is not that far away. Don’t make it worse with such speculation. We should be glad for this hardware move. If it succeeds, Roon is less likely to not succeed. Given the fact that no other player software even comes close, such success would be great for all of us.

I’m also a little miffed that ROCK’s release was delayed for so long to accommodate this move, but the long view (for us users) favors Roon’s expansion.

Everyone just calm down!


We are headed back from The High End Show in Munich – we will release ROCK as soon as I get back and settle in.


Brilliant news, hope the show went well!

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Might be an extra day… First we were involved with an armed robbery at Louis Vuitton. Now 6 hours later at the airport (CDG), there is a bomb threat and our terminal has been evacuated.

Trains over planes any day… :steam_locomotive: > :airplane:

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I could have told you that man purse was a bad idea… :wink:

Godspeed – take care!


Wow very scary, hope all goes well and you get a flight soon. Think you might be better with a boat than a train though !!!

Sometimes it takes longer :wink:


French and German, not so much British or American.

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Um, not too sure about a train over the Atlantic :grinning:. But God speed and have a safe one.

Hope you got some good stuff !! Prize giveaways??


You, as a discerning new yorker, should know by now that “authentic copies” of those fine bags and pulses can be easily and safely acquired in some streets of NY city at a fraction of their regular price. :wink:

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On that train, all graphite and glitter
Undersea by rail
Ninety minutes from New York to Paris
Well by '76, we’ll be A-OK



Ah, the Atlantic Tunnel. Not too sure that Mr Trump would sanction that :smiling imp:

That sounds very nasty. But to be fair, you can feel like that just looking at the prices.


its out! ROCK Is Now Available!