ROCK Searching for network address

Hello Roon,
I’m having trouble getting ROCK up and running. I have an intel NUC. I updated BIOS to
I have a 1 TB samsung SSD. The Rock install went great however when I rebooted my NUC I get a searching for network address… message. I have confirmed that I have a good ethernet network cable and it is plugged into a good port on my router. When I go into my router I’m not seeing the NUC.
My router is set up to be a DHCP server. When ROCK boots up I noticed the serial field is blank??


I am 100% the last person who should be giving anyone advice, but I will share a data point.

I had some (unrelated) Internet issues. By the time it was all sorted out, DHCP re-mapped everything to different IP addresses. Have you checked that?

Hi @TKelley,

Are you able to access the Web UI?

Good morning dylan,
I um unable to access the Web UI. When I login to my router I dont see the NUC there on the list of attached devices so I wouldnt know what IP address to enter into my web browser. Also ping rock returns nothing. The green LED on the NUC ethernet jack/RJ45 is green. The serial field is empty when it boots up. Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it! Thanks --Tim

Hi Tim, if you enter ROCK.LOCAL into the browser that should find ROCK if it is there. How long is the cable that connects your NUC to the router. If it is a long one (10m plus) try a shorter cable. Finally connect a monitor to the NUC and see what comes up when it boots.

Hi Henry,
Entering ROCK.LOCAL into my google chrome browser did a google search for rock.local so I dont think it is there. I am using a short ethernet cable. I do have a monitor connected to my intel NUC box. It prints out some stuff about which version of Roon I am running. Then it prints out the Serial which is blank??? It then says searching for network address and then that’s it. Thanks --Tim

That suggests the Ethernet port is faulty or inactive. Is it OK in the bios settings?

I have confirmed that the Ethernet Port / LAN is enabled in the BIOS settings.
F2 (enter BIOS setup)
Advanced / Devices / On-board devices
enable LAN check-box
F10 (save settings and exit BIOS setup, boot Rock)
Anybody know how to run an ethernet port test / diagnostic on my Intel NUC?

Hi @TKelley,

Can you please share a screenshot of what this screen shows?

I would also try re-installing the Roon OS using our Install Instructions, can you confirm you used Etcher to prep the flash drive?

I re-did the steps for installing ROCK. I reformatted my USB stick. Then used the latest version of Etcher which is balena. I chose the latest ROCK image which is roonbox-linuxx64-nuc3-usb-factoryreset.img. I plugged the USB stick into my Intel NUC and booted the NUC off the USB. It appeared to load ROCK successfully. Removed the USB stick and rebooted the NUC. Same results. please attached screenshot. --Tim

What is installed in your NUC? Do you have just the one 1T SSD? or do you have a smaller one for the OS to be on?

The typical set-up is to have an M2 SSD for the OS that is ~64-128 Gig in size. Any more than that is a waste. How much system Memory is in the NUC recommended is 4MB or more?

You do know that you can’t load your music onto the drive that the OS is installed on, correct?

When I look at my NUC display, I see the serial number field populated, where in your screen shot it is blank. I am wondering if this is part of the issue?

Hello Roon,
Good point. Maybe we should address the first problem. Why cant ROCK get the serial number from my Intel NUC. When I go into my BIOS settings my Intel NUC appears to have 2 seemingly valid serial numbers. There is the Board Information Serial Number which is GEBN8180080G. There is also a System Information Serial Number which is G6BN81900JNL. So if my BIOS is able to read the NUC’s serial number why cant ROCK find it / read it / get it? I have not purchased my ROON license yet. I was planning to do that once I got everything up and running. I did notice that in the BIOS settings there is a 3rd serial number. This is the chassis information serial number. It is blank in the BIOS settings. So which of these 3 serial number is ROCK trying to get? --Thanks Tim

Sounds like a network issue. Reboot your router. Use a known good working port and cable to connect the rock on the router.

Hi @TKelley,

What is the model of the NUC you’re using? Is it on the list of Supported NUC Hardware?

Hi Noris,

I have an Intel NUC NUC7i7BNH. I’m almost positive I purchased that unit because it was on your list of Supported NUC Hardware. I have 32 GB of RAM and 1 Samsung SSD 1 TB M.2 SATA drive. I updated the BIOS to version 0081. I’ve followed all of the Roon instructions. When ROCK boots up it looks like it cant find the serial number because it is blank when it prints it out. (Please see my previous posts).
Thanks. let me know if you have any questions or need more information. I’ve gone through all of the steps about 3 times now. --Tim

Not sure, but could it be that the 1TB drive is causing issues? That is way overkill for the OS. Lots of wasted space there. You do know you can only put the OS on that drive, right? You will not be able to load any of your music on it.

Notes from the getting started guide:

  • The SSD can not be used for music content . If you want music content in this device, use another disk (see below about “internal storage”)
  • The SSD can be 64GB or larger – note that larger SSDs tend to be faster due to how the chips are laid out (after 256GB, it doesn’t matter… for now). It is extremely rare you will need more than 128GB of storage on this SSD. ROCK will not use it.

Another note from the getting started guide:
“The drive must be SATA or NVME. We’ve seen some reports that other types of drives like the Samsung mzhpv128hdgm (M.2 slot with PCIe x4 lanes) do not work.”

Hi BearFNF,
I dont think the 1 TB SSD drive is the issue. ROCK boots up off this drive with no problems at all. Yes I know that music is not stored on the SSD. Only ROCK and the roon database get stored on the SSD. I have a seperate NAS system on my network for storing my music library. Memory is VERY cheap these days so why not load it up so I got a 1 TB SSD and 32 GB of RAM on my NUC. I’m convinced this issue is related to the Serial Number issue and/.or my NUC ethernet port. Thanks very much – Tim

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Just checked my bios and the serial number that shows up in ROCK for me is the one under system information UUID the last 12 digits. My chassis serial number is blank also.

I have a NUC7i7BNH.

That’s great! I think we are making some progress. I just checked my BIOS settings and the last 12 digits of the system UUID for me are also the exact same digits as the Onboard LAN MAC address field in my BIOS. So why cant ROCK get this data? Why is ROCK printing it out as blank. I’m not a ethernet IT guy but I dont think you can get a network connection without knowing what your MAC address is. I’m willing to bet that if we can resolve THIS issue the searching for network problem will go away too. --Tim

So when does ROON support check in? We are not going to resolve this problem with out them unless they are willing to send me Rock source code. Patiently waiting for them to fix my problem…Its been several days since I opened this issue.,