ROCK server running hot with the latest 1.8 b795

Core Machine

Network Details

Asus AC5300 EtherRegen

Audio Devices

USB out to Matrix I2S via HDMI to PSAudio Directstream DAC

Library Size

101500 tracks

Description of Issue

ROCK server running very hot it was previously cool to touch.

I would suggest a reboot

You don’t say what the hardware it’s running on is so not much to go on….is it Fanless? Opif not check for dust in the fan assembly.

Hi sorry Fanless nuc i7 in an Akasa case

Reboot has accomplished nothing unfortunately. Whatever is going, on possibly some background process, it’s also making my linear power supply (HDPlex 300W) get extremely hot.

You can try a reinstall and restore (from your backups). This is one of the reasons that I run ROCK in a VM - super easy to revert to a previous state. Also much easier to see what is causing the spikes (CPU, Network, etc…) However I never see ROCK run into these sort of issues, so would be interested if a reinstall fixes it for you.

Have a read of this thread. It could be a (thankfully very rare) issue with the file system getting into a corrupted state.

I recently added a large number of large 256DSD files that I had purchased and it may have been a coincidence but who knows. I reinstalled the OS and it’s back to running cool. We’ll see if it stays that way.

The problem may be related to file searches. For whatever reason it’s not seeing new additions and I start “force scan” to get ROON to see my new additions.I think this is possibly causing the problem.

Where are your local files held? Internal Storage or USB Drive on the NUC, or NAS?

The files are on a NAS. When I copy the files to the NAS drive I’m copying and pasting or dragging on a Windows 10 Machine to the NAS.

In which case, the issue is not the same as the one I reported - that was for internal storage on the NUC.

And since you’re using a NAS, new files won’t get added in real-time, there’s a rescan setting to set the schedule for NAS scans (Settings > Storage > 3 dots menu)

I keep the ROCK server clean with no internal storage.

Right now I’ve left it overnight and it hasn’t overheated. I did run two “forced scans” for more music that I purchased. Oddly it doesn’t immediately see new music that I add to the NAS even though the path to the music there is in the settings under storage.

See above ^ and

Thank you, I’ve made the changes to the settings to increase the scan interval.

Hi @Watchdog507

After making those changes are things working okay for you now?

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They seem to be. I had a NAS failure and replaced my music with SSD’s attached directly to the ROCK Server. This solution seems to work well although the SSD which is 4TB and 3.3 TB used, does get hot at times.

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