Rockna DAC is Roon Ready or Roon Tested device?

Has Rockna DAC been Roon Ready network player or Roon Tested device?I have noticed that Rockna had been on the Roon Core servers partners list.

Which DAC they seem to have more than one.

I want to connect Roon Nucleus and one DAC by USB cable.And I intend to buy a new DAC to replace the old.So I am focusing on Rockna DAC.But I need to know how it work in with Roon Nucleus.

Which model?

I guess neither Roon Ready nor Roon Tested (not listed in any of these categories). The server category: ROCKNA * (* coming soon). So I guess either soon or never. You should contact ROCKNA and ask there.

If the DAC supports standard USB Audio class 1 or 2 it should work with Roon but feel free to answer Ged’s question anyway, maybe he has first-hand experience.

Rockna RD-1 26bit

Looks like not

Did it mean that Rockna DAC could work with Roon Nucleus?

I interpret it as ROCKNA will work, but you need to use DoP for DSD and maximum DSD128 (this is device setting in Roon).

Ok.Thank you.

I have Rockna wavedream dac.
When connecting it to a HQplayer NAA or Roon Endpoint (both are not in Win OS), it seems it can only receive DSD up to DSD128 via DOP.
But it could receive DSD512 (non DOP) if connected to a Windows based NAA or Roon Endpoint.

Windows based roon endpoint means Roon Core was downloaded and installed in the computer with Windows operating system?

No, it means that was done using a Windows PC with Roon Bridge or the control software as an endpoint. The core can still be any operating system.

Roon Nucleus connects Rockna DAC by USB cable.Roon Core has been installed in windows laptop.Control device is iPad.Could it receive DSD512(non DOP)?

Yes, if you plug the DAC into the Windows laptop and not the Nucleus.

Not to use Nucleus?

Nucleus is Linux. To get the highest rate you need a Windows machine to load the drivers.

It doesn’t matter what the OS the core is though. You can use a low powered Windows endpoint loaded with the right drivers to get DSD512. It is a lot of effort for relatively little gain though.
For the OP.
Core on the Nucleus, network connection only. Windows device running Roon Bridge or Core in control mode, networked and with USB to the DAC.
However it should be possible to get this working native in Linux. Speak to Rockna.

Windows laptop(Installed Roon Core in)+Rockna DAC can receive DSD512 or the working native? Right?

It can as long as you have the correct ASIO drivers.