roo6D - The wireless high-end physical volume knob for Roon

We have to look into this. The SpaceMouse sends a lot of events that we accumulate to not overload the Roon core with too many events. Maybe we should make this configurable, so that you can optimize it for your setup.


Just a quick note of thanks to @DrCWO and @Klaus_Engel - I now have a roo6D and a SpaceMouse driving a Linn Selekt. The most challenging aspect of the process was getting the SpaceMouse. The rest was very straightforward.

Thank you very much for this contribution!

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Please let us know why? I think they have an online shop :thinking:

That was mostly a poor attempt at humor which was meant to convey that the software setup including flashing the RP4 image, setting up the extension, purchasing and setting up the license was all very straightforward.

It did take longer to arrive than promised by Amazon, but that’s become typical of the Amazon experience.

I’m considering setting one up in a second listening area and, if I do that, I’ll order directly from the manufacturer.

Thanks again!

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Muppet me :joy:

I prodly announce version v2.0.0. of rooExtend.
Please visit this thread to see more details
rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial - Audio Products - Roon Labs Community
or navigate via my homepage

Best DrCWO


What functions can I assign to the buttons on the SpaceMouse?
In one of your videos, you mention that you can control the buttons’ functions, but I can’t find anywhere a description of what the options are.
What I am specifically interested to know is can they be assigned to one of my live radio streams?
In a similar vein, what functions can the long press and double touch on the dial be assigned to?
Many thanks, this looks a great product!

I’m sorry, but as far as I know, that’s not possible.

These are the switches:

And here are the actions that can be applied to the switches:

Thanks for sharing those screen shots, they answer my question perfectly.
According to the product page, the RooNuimo software allows you to assign functions such as starting a radio station or a playlist, so I hoped the same was true for the other products.
Not the answer that I was hoping for, but at least now I know.
I appreciate you taking the time to respond - thanks!


this was a new featur for rooNuimo and your requirement is on the list.

Best DrCWO

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Just an FYI here, in case anyone else hits this snag … I put a blank USB stick into my rooExtend Pi, thinking I’d upgrade to 2.0 and use the new license storage mechanism. But then something came up and I never did do the upgrade. After that, the 6d knob just said Sleeping in the Roon settings and didn’t respond. I thought the knob needed charging, but that didn’t fix it. Thinking about the last thing I changed (always a good diagnostic tool!), I pulled the stick out - and the knob instantly started working again.

the status line of the License Manger tells you to pull it out :wink:

That’s great, thank you!
I’ve just bought a rooDial licence (rather than roo6D that I originally asked about), so if you need a beta tester for that when it reaches the top of your to-do list, I’m happy to volunteer.
Best regards… Paul

I will put you on my list and let you know if the v2.1.0 version will be ready for testing.
Best DrCWO

I’m still puzzled by the whole “save the license key on a USB stick” thing. I’m running 2.0.2 now, everything seems fine. When I put a USB stick into the Pi, the extension UI for rooExtend said that USB stick cannot be mounted. I didn’t see anything in the PDF instruction manual about this part. Any tips for me? Thanks.

Brian, format the stick with FAT, NTFS or Linux filesystem and it will work. I have no idea what filesystem your USB-stick is formatted with.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. I usually format all my removable media with ExFAT - works well in Mac and Windows, and doesn’t have the limitations of FAT. But, I’m going to dedicate an old, small stick to this anyway - so using FAT for that one is not a problem! :slight_smile:


Hello @DrCWO I have the Pi through Canakit and SpaceMouse. I successfully loaded up the SD card and the flash was successful. The Pi finds my wifi, but when the green bar goes all the way to the right, it gets stuck and never refreshes. Hence the extensions do not get installed into Roon. Suggestions?

I should have said, it never restarts. Ideas for a fix?

If the Pi did find your WiFi rooExtend should be visible in the Ronn Settings Extensions. If not this may have the following reasons:

  • WiFi not connected. (you need 2.4GHz WPA(2)-PSK at you access point!)
  • If the green LED is not blinking then the SD card is corrupted.

Best you try it with wired ethernet first and make it run. Then you can focus on WiFi.
Best DrCWO