roo6D - The wireless high-end physical volume knob for Roon

Hi, I have all the components and followed the instructions, everything works on the knob except the volume, it doesn’t control the Roon volume, can you advise please?

Regards from Australia

By default, the volume is changed by the controller at playback only.
In Roon go to Settings->Extensions->roo6D-Settings

  1. Make sure you have selected the “Zone” to control
  2. Change the option “Change volume at playback only” to “No”

Hi Kraus, I have selected the correct zone, Changed volume at playback only” to “No” but still cannot control the volume.

The Roon volume control says “volume control fixed” do you think this is my problem? I cannot seem to change this.

Regards, Nick

Yes, I think this could be the problem. You have to select your audio device and set the volume control from “fixed volume” to “device volume”. This should work…

Roon Nucleus cat5 cable to,

Office, into MacBook Air then to Topping D30 dac then to Singxer SA1 headphone amplifier

Lounge, into Sonora Rendu then into ADA DAC2 then to amplifier.

The Roon interface that I use to control the ADE DAC2 is the issue and this is what I want to use the volume control with, I cannot change the volume control where the music is playing through the ADE DAC2 in the Roon software.

Any ideas please?

Kind regards,


you should go to the device settings of your Sonore Redu as described in the post above and change “Device Volume” from “Fixed Volume” to “DSP Volume”. That should do the trick.

Best DrCWO

Hi, yes, yes, yes that did the trick, thanks for the advice, am loving the remote now :slight_smile: great for my partner in the kitchen to mute or skip when she is cooking etc.

many thanks,

Regards, Nick

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I use Nuimo, Surface puck and Space Mouse with each of your extensions in different rooms, very happy with all of them, particularly the space mouse which is on my office desk.

Is there a place where you publish release notes ? I see the rooExtend extension is at 2.3.2, my space mouse is using 2.2.1 - Not sure whether it is worth updating?



Hi @Ken_Hayward,
thanks for your positive feedback :smile:

You find the release notes in the Quick installation guide in my download folder

Best DrCWO

Thank you for the quick response, found them. Worth upgrading.