rooAIDJ - Chat-based AI for Roon

Dear Roon users,

with rooAIDJ I provide an Artificial Intelligence Disk Jockey for Roon!

rooAIDJ is a Roon extension plus a chatbot for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and MAC. @Klaus_Engel was so nice to create these Apps. You can find them for free in the Apple Store :smiley:

Beside chatting rooAIDJ also supports voice input and output so that you can discuss music with him until he comes up with tracks that you like. These can be easily played back in Roon by touching the play button.

For more information please also visit the my Sellcodes page for rooAIDJ or my homepage at


All these apps use my commercial ChatGPT license and therefor I can only offer recurring monthly license as I get monthly charged by OpenAI. My bills will depend on the use! I would therefore be very grateful if you would not have excessive philosophical discussions with rooAIDJ. Otherwise I will be forced to increase the price.

In my YouTube playlist you will find a video on how to use rooAIDJ and get an impression on what can be done with it.

In this thread I would like to encourage you to leave your questions and comments about rooAIDJ. Feel free to ask me and tell me your thoughts. I will be here to support you.

rooAIDJ comes with rooExtend v3.2.0. If you don’t see this release in your Roon Settings/Extensions please wait for the nightly upgrade.

Please also watch the DARKO’s great video from the HighEnd Audio Show 2023 in Munich, giving some explanation and a short demo of rooAIDJ. Watch from 33:15!

Best DrCWO


What a fantastic extension. Easy to install and first results are pretty great.
Lots to discover with rooAIDJ.

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I like to give you one hint for the first start of rooAIDJ to prevent excessive posting here.

After you got rooAIDJ up and running as a Roon Extension please:

  • Install the rooAIDJ App on he device you like to run rooAIDJ.
  • Open Roon on this device.
  • In Roon goto Settings/Extensions and locate rooAIDJ.
  • Click the blue rooAIDJ link
  • Now Safari will ask you if it shall open the rooAIDJ APP.
  • Select Open to start rooAIDJ for the first time.

After that the rooAIDJ-App is connected to the IP address of your rooExtend-Box. Therefore, when you start the App again, it will automatically connect to the rooExtend-Box. The steps shown here only need be carried out once unless the IP address of your rooExtend Box changes.

Best DrCWO

rooAIDJ understands and speaks Jazz, which is great!


I now understand why Darko Audio called it THE product of the year 2023!


Some quick feedback

the interface works really well and it’s snappy.

AI is not quite as intelligent as it could be yet, quite a few errors in the request for the first track from all Bob Dylan’s studio albums.

and Roon search is throwing up a few anomalies

However as I have stated above the link form AI to Roon is very impressive and AI can only get better! It’s cool to see the queue being autopopulated song by song.

Great work guys.



wow, so cool :sunglasses:
first I learned that on the day I was born Frank Sinatra with Strangers in the Night was no. 1 in the German Hitparade :star_struck:

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Pretty pls consider releasing for Android/browser :pray:


Nice development Doctor, any chance of an Android app in the near future.

I do most of my Roon usage on Android devices rather than my Apple devices


We plan to offer a Web Gui but will take some time…


Thanks Doctor I am on holiday until the 12th … Is that long enough :rofl:


I think a little bit of work needs to be done on what it is sending to Roon. The query of the best selling singles of all time only returned one accurate track. The rest were not retrieved or were karaoke versions.

Edit - okay I think if I asked it to make a playlist of these tracks it would have done better. I’ll have to work on my syntax.


Thanks for this, it’s a lot of fun! A few bits of feedback:

As others have said, I’m getting quite a few karaoke versions of tracks. This is obviously an issue with the music services, but rooAIDJ could be a bit stricter with filtering these out at search.

It was also really easy to get the app to do things completely unrelated to music. Some recommended prompt starters could solve this. I asked it for “something to relax before bed”, and it talked to me about aromatherapy oils :joy: Will it always be music related?

There is no way to stop the voice from reading out the entire text it has generated, once started. A “stop talking” button might be useful. I had to quit the app to get it to stop.

Some easier way for me to talk to the app. Can Siri implementation be added maybe?

Do I really need to click “play” and then the Roon endpoint every time? Ability to pick a default endpoint or something would be useful.

Would it be possible to create an “add to previous playlist” option, rather than starting from scratch each time?

And lastly… I really am keeping my fingers crossed for an Android app. Integration with the “OK Google” feature on phones (+ Alexa and Siri elsewhere) would be incredible.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes next! Thanks

Any plans for an Android TV release? Many people have Nvidia shields and chromecasts these days.


Reason for Apple implementation is, that @Klaus_Engel is an iOS guy and I‘m neither in iOS nor in Android.

Any volunteers out here?

Are you able to send me a foto of the output that ChatGPT created? I currently am able to handle more than 70 different formats. Yours might be the next :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Setting the „AI Temperature“ to „Freezing“ also may give better results in the long run.

Best DrCWO

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It works great on macOS.

FYI. My understanding is that Plexamp avoids this risk by requiring users to fill their own OpenAI key, but that may not necessarily make sense for your price model.


I got this question before and put it on my improvement list. I think it would be easy to add the option to use the own OpenAPI Key instead of mine.

In this case I will be able to offer a lifetime license as this produces no recurring costs for me.

Great proposal :+1:

Best DrCWO


rooAIDJ is really fun. I have a few questions about this:

  • Is it possible to choose a user profile or is it random which user is chosen?
  • Is it possible to delete a current playlist?
  • Can you add a new music search to a currently playing playlist?

Anyway… Great job!