rooAIDJ - Chat-based AI for Roon

I have the same issue, but where is that menu that has “local network”?

Thank you

I have this issue too, I cannot get past it. I do not see settings for rooaidj

Rooaidj is not showing up in my rooextend extensions. I did buy a license, but I have no idea what to do with it.

Hi, I can only speak for my Smartphone (iPhone). You have to download the app from the appstore. Then you can configure it in the settings, example is my screenshot above…

Hope it helps.

Good Morning Christopher,
thanks’ for getting the rooExtend-Box and for sending the screenshot.

I can see that your rooExtend-Box is still at v3.0.0. It should have updated over night so this morning you should see v.3.3.1 with rooAIDJ visible in the License Manager ready to accept your License Key.

In very few cases the rooExtend-Box fails doing the initial update. If this happened with your box please visit my Download Area and get the rooExtend-Box Manual. At the end of page 48 I explained what to do to force a manual update. Please wait patiently for some minutes after pressing the button and NEVER turn off power during update. You can see the update starting watching the LEDs at the front. The meaining of the blinking signals is also explained on page 48 above.

I have a separate thread for the owners of the rooExtend-Box where I try to respond faster. So please address your future questions regarding the rooExtend-Box there.

Best DrCWO

I just bought a RooExtend box and also bought a license for RooAIDJ. But there is no place to enter the license key in the Roon Extensions>>RooExtend settings. Where do i enter it.

  • Open Settings/Extensions in Roon.
  • Find the rooExtend License Manager
  • Open its Settings
  • Open the section (blue arrow in front) of the bundle and enter it

Best DrCWO

I have done that. There is no place to enter a license key or anything. See screenshot below.

Ah now I see :blush:
Just wait util the 60 days of free usage are over :+1:
After that a field will show up where you can enter the License Key.

Best DrCWO

Bummer. Is there no way to use it before 2 months? I know it is only $2.8 per month, but i am paying for it now.

In the two month trial period you can use all my Roon Extensions for free. So you might have saved two times $2,8 if you have bought the license after the trial period.

I can’t understand why you bought the license so early :disappointed:

Best DrCWO

Because RooAIDJ was not available in the trial period and that was one of the main reasons I bought the RooExtend. I still can’t use AIDJ as it is not showing up as an option in the Extensions or Settings.

Ah now I see what your problem is. Sorry for my late understanding :sleepy:

I saw from your screenshot that your rooExtend-Box is still at release 3.0.0. please let it powered on over night and it will update to 3.3.1. In this release rooAIDJ is included.

Best DrCWO

It has been powered on for 2 nights already. But it has not updated. Is there a way to force it? What time is the update set for? Do I need to reboot the RooExtend Box? Sorry for so many questions, but this seems to be the only place for support.

This is the right an ONLY place for support. You are exactly right here :+1:
Please download the rooExtend-Manual from here.

Starting at page 48 you find instructions for a forced update.
Please be patient after pressing the button. It will take some minutes till the update starts. And don‘t press it a second time.

Best DrCWO

Hello DrCWO,

I had forgotten about RooAIDJ when paypal collected my annual recurring payment today.
I thought I’d give it a try again. Unfortunately, my license key is no longer accepted (the extension was no longer activated). There is no error message when I enter the key, but the extension never shows as licensed or shows up with the other extensions.

How can I use another year of RooAIDJ that I have now paid for?
And where can I cancel my subscription?

Please E-Mail your license Key to and I will check on Monday if I‘m back from travelling.

Best DrCWO

Any new development on this app? I try it now and again but don’t find it too compelling. What AI model is it using?

ChatGPT 3 as far as I know. Maybe @Klaus_Engel can tell more…

Best DrCWO

It uses ChatGPT-3.5 at the moment. We might switch to ChatGPT-4o at some point, but need to consider the higher costs.

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