Roon 1.3 Feedback Thread

Happy to say that with 1.3 now Roon works also on my Win10 PC (before it could not connect to the Core due to some windows firewall which i could not disable as i’m not admin).


@Steve_Lees, we added support for PERSONNEL tags–largely based on your feature request a few months ago…so you can tag your files with arbitrary credits now :slight_smile:

Awesome update. Lots to learn and figure out with the many new program features. Thanks to the Roon team devs and beta testers for developing and testing a really great comprehensive update.

Always looking forward to what comes next too! Thank you. :grinning:


Thanks for a great update!
I really appreciate the quicker reconnect from my Android tablet and the upsampling capabilities.

Still amazed at the quality delivered by the Roon team and their dedication to bringing us users the best experience.


And I thank you VERY much for that Brian, just what I wanted, it works very well!


You see how MUCH they put into version 1.3 :slight_smile:
It is almost impossible for any of us to grasps it all that quickly.

Thank you - seems like a good place to start :slight_smile:

Superb update, many thanks for all the effort to fulfill so many requests.

One thing that’s bothering my OCD from a design point of view is the microphone icon right next to the track names. Perhaps it’s just me, but I find it harder to glance at track names quickly with that icon there. I feel track names are important enough to have some clear space around them. Perhaps the microphone icons could go over on the right with the other track data?


Great news! Will Roon 1.3 work with the following configuration?
– Mac Mini Mac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz ; L2 Cache:3 MB; Memory:8 GB
– Pioneer Plasma Display (720P) PDP-5016HD connected via HDMI
Apologies if this has already been answered
Thanks! Tim

I would say it may not give the best performance, as the Intel Core 2 Duo is a pretty old cpu.
If you search on the forum, you will see some people having challenges to get good performance out of that type of cpu with Roon.

Btw, a lot is mentioned in the knowledge base:

still waiting for scan/analysis to complete and only had a look here and there but… great job indeed, guys! :slight_smile:

Thanks JSE. I’m debating whether to wait out an Apple Mac Mini update (not clear if it’ll happen) for my media server or switch to a NUC. All my other devices are Macs, iPads, iPhones. Maybe I’ll wait on this upgrade for now.

If you want to stay in the Apple ecosystem, you can better opt for a newer MacMini

Make sure you go for their Flash Storage as it will serve you well in your Roon experience.
Eg. loading, searching, browsing in the Roon app on the other Apple devices will benefit from it.
Also the playback and audio analysis will be much faster compared to a HDD.

Btw, your Plasma Display would be perfectly fine in my view :wink:

I was also going to mention the lyrics/microphone icon. I would also prefer it to be where it used to be (to the right side of the track names along with the other options), as like Mark says the track names themselves should not be cluttered with icons around them.

Another issue though - why aren’t the microphone icons clickable? Would be much easier than having to go into the track menu and then select the lyrics!


Funny, in the queue they are on the right and clickable:

@extracampine, you can access the lyrics via the 3 dots on the right side:

I prefer the queue-mode, directly clickable.

Thanks JSE - I know you can, but my point was that it is an extra click that way, and the track names look cluttered with the microphone icon, and why isn’t the microphone icon clickable. The way it is handled in the queue would seem superior :slight_smile:


My 2-days-of-use feedback:
!!! 1.3 IS AWESOME !!!
For me, Crossfeed is a BIG win. The composer & crosslink ability is wonderfully better.
Dropbox support covers the library mismatch issues.
So in my case now all boxes are ticked; it’s officially the best audio player ever.


Second that!


In 1.3 if you right click on a track in the queue to remove it, the remove button and everything else on the pop up doesn’t work

Thanks JSE. I may hold off since the Mac Mini is due for a refresh according to Mac Rumors. Looks like I better wait on 1.3 as well.