Roon 1.3 Feedback Thread

BTW I am using Roon 1.2 with decent results. :+1:

Thank you.
I will do more detailed digging when I see those symbols.

First of all, I am really pleased with all the new features in 1.3. Finally a product I could use for all my needs. One thing I miss in the parametric eq section is to be able to set values below 20Hz. I understand that this is beyond normal human hearing but between let say 14 and 20Hz there is a lot of information on spacial clues etc. and it is also an area sensitive to room modes that have to be addressed. One other thing, It would nice to see which EQ preset is active.

Keep up the good work and greetings,

Hi, enjoying 1.3…just a small issue - on the iPad, column width changes on the playlist screen is not retained if I switch out of the app and then go back to it.


Great update! Top work.

So far I have noticed rock solid fast Android connectivity - this had been very flaky for me in the past so a real bonus.

CPU usage much lower even when up-sampling to 384khz PCM - in my (non optimal recommended Roon Computer > RUR > DAC) system sounds very good. A+ still in my setup to my ears has the edge, but it is much, much closer… YMMV… Maybe it is time to separate my core out…

So many other new features too explore, was a great day yesterday to work from home!

Thanks to the team!

Thank you for the great work I really cant imagine what the 2.0 will bring when you guys do such a great job with .1 updates.
Everything is great however I agree with some UI suggestions.
The microphone icon is already there so why not turn it into an active link ?
Or if you put the mic icon on the right side of the line , maybe those columns maybe customizable and everyone activates what they need. For instance i don’t care much about the play count but it would be great if the mic icon was there instead.
Since the titles are different in length the mic icon is not on a straight line on the list and frankly i did not like it wit an esthetic point of view ( maybe that’s ocd ?)

Opening the liner notes is also great. The images can be viewed as well. However rather than a pdf opening in a pop up window of adobe, imho i think it would be really great to turn the pages of the pdf the way we clicked the next image with in the app itself.

I am sure lots of people including me will or have bugs but in roon i trust… they ll be fixed

Yikes! Roon Deletes files?!

Perhaps this was there all along and I was unaware, but I see that from the track editor it is now possible to permanently delete a music file from the disk. This would seem like a fundamental violation of the “do no permanent harm” principle of meta data systems like Roon.

This creates some real practical issues. If I were to have a guest over, I would no longer feel like I could hand them a device with Roon on it to control the audio in their room, knowing that they could also delete files from my music library.

I for one would much rather see the functionality of Roon limited such that it can not make permanent changes to the underlying music files, but rather only alter it’s database contents.

You have always been able to delete files, also you get plenty of warning. :warning:
Not sure if you can ban this on a Guest profile perhaps.
It’s really handy if you have picked up exact duplicates.
Thoughts, Chris

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Sooloos had a lock feature.
On the other hand, I never used it.
Maybe the Roon guys discovered uptake was low…

I installed 1.3 last night and I’m now in heaven! No issues whatsoever, but still learning how to do things in Roon 1.3. So far, only positive things to say about the changes (except that there’s still no .iso and .ape support :-)).

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First time user. I was waiting for 1.3 to be released.
Installed in minutes. Easily added 2TB music library and instant access to My DAC from USB and Sonos interface.
Working perfectly so far. Performance has been fast running the core on a Insperion laptop with 4G and SSD.
Ill move this to a NUC.

The TEAM has created a fabulous user experience.

Now if you could add that album cover smell the senses would be fully loaded. :smile:

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I like how you think :wink:

Really liking the new update! I had a decent amount of sync / drift problems before, seems to be solid now. Also the equalizer function is great. Overall more work to make it solid, but a great step in the right direction. Thanks!

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Great update! Almost(*) all my “iTunes-like” irritations have been solved! It works perfect! :smile:

(*) I still wish I could change the order of songs and albums much easier. (to organize for example the 11 CD Early Years - Pink Floyd box remains a disaster…)

This thread is for general feedback. If there is something in particular about Roon that you would like to see changed, such as the microphone icon on the Tracks screen, please feel free to open a thread in Feature Requests where it will be more readily picked up by the devs when reviewing user requested changes.

Thanks for the release.
Its a huge and well earned success.
You are far away from any competitors.

Wishes I posted on another thread.

I forgot: Now running stable with more than 600k tracks and more than 90 watched folders!


Holy cow. :cow:

TWO things I would like to see happen in the next release, both relating to changes in 1.3:

1) Make the microphone clickable to see lyrics.
2) Put another icon next to the microphone that is also clickable to directly access credits for the track.

These are both major features of Roon and both are now hidden and require more clicks than should be required.