Roon 1.4 and Devialet streaming [fixed, not a Roon issue]

Even though I like the new features and could see the nice results of our French translation effort, I have a MAJOR issue : the streaming to my Devialet D200 is now completely buggy. Cuts every 5-10 seconds, start again, stops…
Everything was smooth before the update this morning.
Nothing changed in my setup which is:

  • Roon on Windows 10 Intel NUC
  • Roon implementation of Devialet Air, DSP/convolution on
  • Ethernet wires, no wifi, all through a T_Link router
    I restarted the NUC and D200 many times but the issue remains.

@support should provide some help here

My mistake, I checked my connections and for some unknown reason my DIY cable speakers got bumped and touched the chassis of the Devialet… which caused the amp to periodically enter into protection mode, I noticed it when I saw the flashing red characters on the screen.
Problem fixed and Roon is now up and running smoothly. Sorry for disturbance please close the topic.