Roon 1.4 Feedback

Unless you’ve got 100’s of watched folders it only takes a few seconds to rescan. Not saying it’s ideal, but not a major operation to do.

I found the problem. I had signed up for the general beta for 10 and had to delete that profile before it would update. So entirely my own fault.
Thanks for rallying around to help :slight_smile:

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Yes, I understand.

My complaint is that Roon should make it clearer that there is trouble with NAS boxes and any Linux (including macOS) OS. These ‘bug’ reports about a NAS not updating Roon are becoming more and more frequent. Evidently, no one believes in searching the forum before they post a complaint. So much easier to just toss off an question rather than do any leg work oneself.

Dirac has the best solutions for Room Correction…that can be done with Mini DSP hardware or Dirac software alone depending on your set up.

Good points here- I’ve been asking for this type of user control for quite some time.
I know Roon folks say this enhancement is just a start- if so, it’s a good one- but much more to do to reach the potential Radio has.
I trust developers are reading these comments.

Sorry to disagree, Dirac is well known with their strong partner programs but not innovative anymore, expensive, and not Roon-friendly. Not innovative as their automated-filter generation hasn’t changed for years and is only does amplitude+phase correction, expensive as a license costs almost 400€, not Roon-friendly as convolution as to be done in a proprietary driver on a Mac or Windows PC, which has become buggy over time (good luck to you if you want to make it work at the first try on a recent Windows 10 PC, I gave up). Also you simply can’t IP-stream !

I worked for a while with a miniDSP, the issue being the limitations in taps (forget about sharp frequency rejection in the low end for the spectrum) and just OK DAC or I2S streaming quality, discounting their products in a high end system.

The future in my view with Room Correction Filter Generators such as REW/REPHASE (Free), Acourate or HAF, that can seamlessly be implemented in Roon Convolution Engine, which has become very efficient in the last months. As we speak, HAF is the most advanced with advanced corrections not done by Dirac. I know I am off topic here but we speak of all this in the following threads. @danny mentioned they are thinking of integrated a correction filter generation capability to Roon on day (a microphone will be needed).


Thanks for the heads up…I currently use a Mini DSP DDRC-88A…but I wanted to eliminate that piece of hardware since it does another DDC/DAC after my DAC which drives me crazy. I was going to get the Dirac software to eliminate my DDRC 88A out of the chain…but I will look into that HAF site to see what I can learn…



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I think the SQ has really improved, it sounds less monophonic, channel separation much better. Loving the Radio. Room Correction is a tough to accomplish. Dirac live is going to upgrade their software. I would like to see 2.1 with separate sub channel.


When Roon is in full screen playback mode on iPad then when the iPad resumes and Roon refreshes the full screen mode is forgotten.

Yes, the devs are quite active on the Forum, obviously in Support and they read all Feature Requests, but they crop up all over the shop. They’re reading this thread because they want to know what we think about 1.4 and straighten out any issues.

Where you’ve got a specific suggestion for Roon going forward though, a Feature Request thread is the best exposure as it avoids getting lost in the crowd and the devs don’t have to remember where they read something when reviewing user suggestions,

In relation to user control of parameters for Radio there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Firstly Roon likes to keep it simple. The addition of user controlled play preferences in 1.4 is, in my opinion, a welcome and appropriate relaxation of that principle for a specific case, but the devs will have had vigorous internal discussions about the need for further switches etc. If user control of Radio is viable then I suspect it is more likely to be a single knob, possibly blending several parameters, rather than a synthesiser like bank of knobs.

Secondly, although the various parameters described by @James_I sound interesting to me, the capacity for a meaningful range isn’t always there. Some of those parameters become “all or nothing” far more quickly than you would want. A bit like flying a realistic helicopter simulation or trimming a bias pot.


For the most part I’m a happy, satisfied and committed client. But since you ask . . .

In my linked zone (two Sonos speakers in one large room), I seem to have lost the ‘master volume’ that allowed me to raise and lower the whole room with one finger. And that seems like a curious step backward in terms of ease of use. Am I missing an option somewhere?

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Hello Ian

Seems to me that there is no master slider, but there are +/- buttons that will allow the group volume to be changed. (Right at the bottom of the group)

Quite right! Thanks.

I must say that works almost as well as it used to. But it works!

And maybe an enable/disable DSP toggle too…


Has extra blank space been added to the main header menu on the iPad? It was always a bit over-generous for my liking, but I don’t remember it being that big and spaced out up there…

Can’t say I’m in love with some of the new GUI updates - I’m hoping the release of the big ‘radical’ update in the future will see a full overhaul and harmonisation of the GUI design.

Really glad to see the updated volume controls but for me it’s still way too small on the iPhone - I think it’s even smaller than it was previously so both the slider and the buttons are tiny. I don’t think the same design works well for both devices but the limits are very welcome and hopefully keep heart-rates stable… and equipment safe.

Really hoping that when you extend the new radio algorithms work, you also feed that into the ‘focus on similar’ button too - still could be one of the greatest features of Roon if it did what I want it to do… ie actually find genuinely similar things (within my library and outside it) rather than simply show half of my library…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone btw.


I like that I deal. I would prefer not to have to drill down six clicks to turn it off for MQA.

I have one Roon install (at work) where the music is all on networked file shares, and my workflow there is that I just know I have to force a rescan of the appropriate part of the tree after adding music.

I have a Roon install at home with all the music on the internal drives of the machine RoonServer is running on, and there Roon basically always automagically notices whenever I add music.

Am I missing something in the zone grouping controls?

It used to be the you could drop any zone or zones from a group, and the remaining zones in the group would go on playing.

In the new v1.4 UI, I don’t see a way to remove the zone the group is named after from the group.

For instance:

  • I grouped Bedroom, Bath, Living Room
  • Since I started with Bedroom, that group was referred to by Roon as Bedroom + 2, and Bedroom was the zone displayed in fancy bold in the zone grouping UI.
  • Having showered and gotten dressed, I wanted to drop Bedroom and Bath from the “Bedroom + 2” group, leaving only the Living Room zone playing.
  • I couldn’t find a way to do that in the new UI - Bath and Living Room had selection boxes I could uncheck to remove them, and other zones had boxes I could check to add them, but I didn’t see a box to uncheck to remove Bedroom from the group! This totally used to be possible.

Am I missing some trick in the UI which lets me do this? I ended up having to do a really clunky workaround involving stopping play, breaking up the group, the re-starting play at the desired zone. I guess I could also have removed the Living Room zone then done a play transfer from the active group consisting only of zones I no longer wanted playing to the just-removed zone I wanted to continue to play… but all this is massively less natural and straightforward than the previous way.

I must be missing something.

A keyboard shortcut would be great to to either open DSP or toggle it (or both). In JRiver I used a lot cmd+D.

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Excellent release. I like all the new features in v1.4. Thanks Roon and happy holidays! :clap: