Roon 1.4 Feedback

Not really a queue any more, is it?

A queue is just a sequence where things wait their turn. If you never scroll up, it works just like before.


A queue is where things enter, await their turn and then exit. Like waiting for the bank teller, if people still remember that.

As a data structure, this is more like a linked list.

As a program feature, it’s more like a playlist.

I can adapt, my life goes on.:laughing:


The radio is sooo much better. No repeated albums in an hour of listening and only now is it returning to the artist I started with (different album though), some of its linking I dont get but hey thats probably just my taste in music perhaps, good work Roon,


Thanks Danny. That’s good to know, but losing the queue isn’t what I’m concerned about.

I like to build a list of music in the queue and choose songs from it at will, instead of listening straight through from A to Z. That is not a use case that Roon handles well. It used to delete songs in the queue. Now it groups, hides them and grays them out. Exploring the queue I created is penalized by having to undo these actions.

Roon changing the queue automatically (in any way) makes that use case tedious, at best. What I would like to see is an option to turn off these automatic changes to the queue.

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It’s only been a little while since the update, but I have to say that Radio so far has been fantastic. I’m hearing things in my (large) collection that I wouldn’t have ever gotten around to. Some of the choices are a bit far way from the original artist/song, but I like that! If it was too rigid, it’d be boring. And for everything that’s unknown, there’s metadata for further exploration from there.

This is a game changer. Thanks Roon Team! :grinning:


Don’t know if this is related to 1.4 so maybe someone can check their Roon extensions, mine seem to have disappeared.


What exactly are you saying? Although I think Tidal integration is one of the best things about Roon, nobody is forcing you to use it, or to subscribe to Tidal. If you don’t like Tidal, unsubscribe (or don’t subscribe) and remove it from your Roon config. Seems pretty simple to me.


Love the iOS playback. Just spent some time with my Dragonfly Red connected to my iPad, listening to Roon. Great job. Thanks very much.

Please excuse the vernacular, but the new queue is the dog’s bollocks :heart:

Now gimme album shuffle and scrolling consistency :stuck_out_tongue:


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When going to the artist screen i am no longer seeing an option for Play Now/Play Artist. There is just a shuffle and Radio - if clicking on the down arrow. Im also not seeing any options for the artist screen in the Play Actions.

Am i missing something? Do we no longer have the option to just play an artist without shuffling tracks or going through the process of adding all the albums/tracks to a playlist or queue?

edit: focusing on an artist presents the same two options with no play all or play now type option.

Hi Mark,

What do you mean Album Shuffle? In Album View, you can select Shuffle now and it will add the album to the queue Shuffled. It will play immediately.

If you can’t see it, make sure it’s selected in Settings > Play Actions > Album Edit.

Cheers, Greg

Playing whole albums with the tracks in their correct order, but each album selected at random.

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Thanks Roon! I’m giving it a play now. I personally like the new queue although I am always an info overload type of guy.

Can’t you use a playlist instead of the queue for that? Presumably you can get the same impact?


“Play Artist” always just shuffled the artist’s tracks – all we did was make the text on the button more accurately describe it’s functions. This functionality hasn’t changed for 1.4.

Also, just to be clear, some rules to keep in mind for all large sets of content in Roon that don’t have a clear order (like Artists, Genres, Tags, Focuses, etc):

  • Shuffle: Play this specific content in a randomized order
  • Start Radio - Play similar content
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Nobody seems to have mentioned performance yet. It is VERY snappy on my low-end hardware.

For example, the I estimate the “Discover” section is now 4-5 times faster to display on my Celeron-based Core.


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