Roon 1.5 Feedback Thread

I may even subscribe to Tidal to see what all the fuss is about. I feel left out. :grin:

@paulgh Tidal 60-day trial:

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Thanks to Roon my investment in legacy dsp speakers is reaping rewards!
Please can someone advise if individual tracks can be identified in Roon as MQA along with bit rate, as is the case with albums, if the tracks form part of a playlist? Does the album the track is from need to be opened for this information to become available or is there a way to display track file type without having to do this?
Many thanks.

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In my case, a reboot of my core and remote laptops resolved this issue.

Nothing much for me here (and in fact a regression in one case IMO) but hats off to team Roon for MQA. Im sure it’s great for those that want it, and I remember lots of discussions a while back about whether it was possible to do extra DSP on top of MQA - the block diagram implied it, but noone seemed to know how it would work - I had a sneaky suspicion I knew who’d nail this!

I hope for two things now:

  • That MQA discussions will die right down on the forums. :slight_smile: and…
  • That the next versions will see lots of energy put into tidying up the details and inconsistencies of the GUI and filling in the functionality gaps, especially between iPad and iPhone.
  • And for the love of all things let me have whatever icons I want! :wink:
  • and RAAT on Devialet but I know Roon can’t do any more than they already are on that one.
    (Ok that’s four things, and actually my list is pretty big but you get the idea)

FWIW I did play a few Tidal MQA albums and waited for the ‘magic’, which never came. I have an Explorer 2 in a box which I’ll dig out at some point and try again now I can experiment in Roon.


Many thanks to Roon for another great update. Having fun with MQA!

At the end I found it. I have 2 albums (duplicate) and the primary one was set wrongly by me on hidden. So I think that with the new version Roon automatically set on hidden also the other “not primary”. So both were hidden. I made visibile the primary…issue fixed.

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Yep. I have exactly that problem with a vinyl capture of Fairport Convention’s “Full House”, which has one fewer tracks and a different track order from the also-captured CD - they’re not shown as versions of one another.

I think it would be a Good Idea to be able to force versioning. (Forgive me if this is already feasible…)

Other than that, umm, it just seems to just work.

(Which is good)

– P

Roon team: kudos! Version 1.5 is a brilliant update.

I have been one of those complaining about how long MQA integration took, but you guys have really delivered something special.

I am feeling very good about my lifetime subscription now!


Yes, this can already be done. Go to Albums view, select both albums, and “Edit”. Select “Group Alternate Versions”.

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Many thanks!

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But of course first one needs to select both albums.
On a computer as controller, it’s simple- right click.
On an iPad etc, not so clear…
ah “long press”…

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I think it would be a good idea if Roon actually thought about releases in album terms rather than track terms. We shouldn’t have to manually curate obvious stuff like this.

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It’s always obvious after the event :slight_smile:

The newest update (build 323) solved the pops between tracks with mqa on the pro-ject prebox s2 digital, cause the mqa-signal was lost (both decode and render on the s2). Thank you!
The only pop i get now, is when i pause a mqa song. When restarting the song, the mqa-signal is lost, starting without, and a second later little pause and is on again. Would be great if that could be repaired too in a next update.

Try setting MQA Capabilities to “Renderer Only”. See if this fixes the problem.


Thanks for your post. It is great to see people make feature requests rather than feature demands. 1.5 isn’t all things to all people but it’s a point release on a journey. Not a destination. So thanks for the post which removes the emotion and clearly states what you desire.

Yeah, i know. Before the update it was also happening between the numbers of an album. This upgrade fixed that, so I thought, maybe a next update may fix the pause and replay-issue. I would like the dac to do rendering and decoding itself.