Roon 1.5 Feedback Thread

It hasn’t been certified as Roon Tested yet. In the future you’ll be able to check that on the device database site, but for now you can check the Partner Device Matrix.

We definitely recommend letting Benchmark know you’re interested in seeing this DAC certified, but as I understand it the settings for this device should be pretty similar to the DAC2.

I’ll contact Benchmark but, ss far as I know, the settings for Benchmark DAC3 should be the same as for DAC2.

DAC2 does appear in the Partner Device Matrix as Roon tested (in house) - which is why I was surprised to find that it wasn’t in the device database list. Could settings for DAC2 be added to the Roon device database?

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Real smart solution turning us into curators of things that shouldn’t need curating. The release notes say Roon is about albums, not tracks - clearly not the case in this instance.

That seems a bit harsh for a new feature. It’s not like they are deliberately not grouping just to annoy you. I presume the software can only work with the data it has. It will make a call based on the data presented. Fleetwood Mac 4 versions (forgot I had them) of Rumours + 2 additional on Tidal all grouped into one for me. I am sure there are many albums grouped correctly.

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Not so much as feedback on 1.5 - I haven’t been able to try it yet but can’t wait to do so. More the philosophy…

It is fantastic to read the thoughts from the Roon guys and the thought behind 1.5. The changes made are very technical and very deep but rather than just bolting it on and saying “hey the product is better because it has more features and does more” they have thought deeply about it and made an experience that sounds like it will delight most users.

Some will want to tinker with settings. Some will want to up sample to 32.375 bits or else. Most people (especially beyond the early adopters which we still are) will just want things “to work”.

They have designed for the 80% by making educated guesses. If you’re not in the 80, they have made it easy for you to “undo” and tinker.

This is a philosophy. It’s deeper than MQA. And it shows Roon “still has it”. Well done guys! Can’t wait to try it out.


Im impressed by how @brian and co. solved MQA and DSP. My best case scenario was that Roon would do the first unfold, then DSP and send to DAC as 88/96 PCM.

It would be nice if MQA settings could be put outside the device setup though, to enable proper A-B comparison, but there might be both technical and business reasons not to.

How do you specify the MQA settings for multiple devices simultaneously if MQA settings are outside device setup? Or you want two separate device setup pages?..

@support Please can you update the download link on the website. I need a fresh install of Roon 1.5 Windows 32 bit but the link still points to version 1.4.



I have a similar problem.

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I like it that way. There might be cases where I want the albums grouped together and in others not. Gives me a choice.

Awesome looking update.

As a user who’s been asking for software decoding of MQA in Roon since Jan 2016, I’d pretty much got to the point of accepting that it was never going to happen, so this is a genuine “taken by surprise, big smiles” outcome.

Also very happy about the Linn DS integration.
I’m currently a Meridian hardware user, but if/when it ever dies, will be looking at a DS unit again very seriously.

One thought, I’m conscious of the questions raised above about the logic of how to use MQA decoding, EQ, depending upon hard ware type. Not sure if it already exists, but a quick “mugs guide” style walk through with simple explanations would probably cut down on the number of repeated questions of a similar nature.

Just to re-iterate, awesome looking update.
My thanks to the Roon team for making this happen.


while playing with the new settings I noticed that Audeze Presets seems to break the MQA signal with Mytek Brooklyn.
I have set my Mytek as Decoder and Renderer, if I play a TIDAL MQA the blue light on the Mytek goes on and the MQA file is unfolded and rendered by the hardware

but if enable the DSP with Audeze presets the MQA signal doesn’t get restored and the Mytek light goes off meaning the MQA is not recognised by the DAC.

If I disable the Audeze presets and enable another function that requires Bit Depth conversion like Volume Levelling. The signal gets properly unfolded in Roon and passed to the DAC for the render. In fact the light on the DAC becomes red and show 192.0 kHz and the Roon signal path looks correct

Am I missing something?


Apologies if I missed it in the release notes, but does this update finally integrate Tidal tracks into the ‘Radio’ function, or will it still only use library tracks?

Still library-only for now Gareth.

No it doesn’t.

Hey @brian

Just finished a Team Viewer screen share with the old man (dad).

Some feedback/observations/questions, about his (my old) ultraRendu > Pro-Ject S2 DAC setup:

  1. Roon didn’t recognise the S2 DAC at first. I was able to go in and select it manually of course, so no big problem. But since it’s Roon Tested I thought it would be automatic? Not a big deal, just feedback.

  2. In order to have Roon do the 1st unfold and THEN do Roon DSD512 up-sampling, I needed to set MQA compatibility for the S2 DAC to ‘No MQA support’. With any of the other 3 MQA compatibility options, Roon would only do the 1st unfold to 96kHz and output 96kHz to the S2 DAC, even with Roon DSP with DSD512 up-sampling enabled the entire time. Is this normal? This is the only way to get Roon Core decoding to 96khz -> Roon DSP? ‘Enable MQA Core Decorder’ is obviously enabled at all times.

The S2 DAC has the latest available firmware and ultraRendu has it’s latest update. All Roon devices are up to date too. Roon Core is my old sonicTransporter i7, which is also up to date.

Cheers in advance

These versions are in my library, and I do have “Show Hidden” checked, Brian.

Just reading through the release notes, this is a huge achievement.

Not only giving us MQA support (along with the ability to see MQA within Tidal), but being able to apply DSP to MQA without losing MQA compatibility, which I think many of us were starting to think wasn’t going to be possible in any ecosystem. As a bonus, multiple versions of albums are handled better.

Great achievement, thanks guys and gals at Roon for working so hard! :slight_smile:


Looks like the new version has Tidal MQA first unfold ability, correct? :slight_smile: